Soaking In The Sun At Blue Mountain

I had one of the most amazing beginnings to the weekends and mini-vacation! Blue Mountain was everything I’ve heard about it and besides the cute village, this vacation proved to be relaxing, fun and exciting.  

 The drive to Blue Mountain was just stunning. We took airport road all the way up and it was such a beautiful road to drive on. We had brunch at a family-owned mom and pops diner in Creemore, Ontario that over delivered on food and service. The owner, Henry came over to tell us how pleased he was to cook for us and it was great seeing such a big family together. The food was outstanding, probably the best all-day breakfast I’ve ever had. 
Once checked-in and settled into our rooms, we went for a swim and relaxed in the hot tub before exploring the Village. That time by the pool really set the mood for the entire trip. Later, I had a few too many gin and tonics and danced on the balcony to the music of the concert happening in the Village square down below. 
Woke up late, went for breakfast and relaxed on the balcony for the remainder of the afternoon with a gin and ginger ale as the rest of the group went off to do zip-lining and other activities. They tried convincing me to come with them, but I insisted on relaxing in the sun with a drink and eventually taking a dip in the pool again. 
So, as I sit here by the pool, soaking in the hot sun, thought I’d write a quick post about how much I am enjoying myself. Hope your weekend is going great too.
From Blue Mountain,

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