Sprained Ankle: A Sign I Need To Move More

Last week I wrote about my 10K steps initiative to a healthier lifestyle. I managed to follow through on that until Saturday afternoon. I took Ni for a walk through Bluffer’s Park and ended up spraining my ankle and heel. Yay me! NOT!!!!

But that just goes to show that because I have been inactive for so long my body was very out of shape; more than I anticipated. Although, I’ve been on best rest these pay couple of days, I am not letting the sprain discourage me. As soon as my ankle and heel heal again, I will be up and about on my lunch-time walks. I just need to get off my ass first.

I also got on a scale yesterday. I’ve managed to gain 6 lbs. and almost passed out when I saw that. 6 lbs. doesn’t seem like a lot but ask a person that has been trying to lose weight how hard it is to take of 6 lbs. and you’ll understand why I almost collapsed. I couldn’t believe it. I could. Because I’ve been terribly bad with chocolate and junk food but seriously 6 friggin pounds? Wtf????

I need to get serious. I’m turning into a lazy fuck and I really want to fit into that dress (hopefully before this summer is over). I’m going to seriously begin taking a look at my food choices and get off my ass more often. I have to! I need to! I will!!!!

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