Last Day Of Daycare

  Friday was Ni’s last day of daycare. OMG! Right? When did she become two and a half years old? When did she get so big? How did the time fly by so quickly? 

It was a depressing afternoon. I cried as Ni hugged all of her teachers and said good bye. She doesn’t understand yet that she won’t see her teachers, whom she has grown so close to anymore. But I understand it all too well. I remember leaving elementary school and realizing I wouldn’t see my two favourite teachers again. Luckily for me, I went back to volunteer during my co-op in high school and have kept in touch with one of them ever since. 

But these are Ni’s first teachers and they are like family. These are women I trust my child with for over 8 hours every day for the past year and a half. They are her second mothers. They have taught her so much; to eat on her own, so many nursery rhymes, counting, and so much more. But most of all, these women have taught her about a love that someone other than your family can provide. They have taught her that love can come from complete strangers. They’ve taught her that how to love and that she is loved.

I’m going to miss joking around with Stacey, Bella and Malti. I’m going to miss the guidance and affection Grace, Hazel and Marlin provided and the tough exterior and loving nature of Olive. If I could, I would never let Ni move out of this daycare. I begged Olive to let her stay. But it’s out of all of our control due to city regulations. 

But this bond we have made with these lovely ladies will never be forgotten. I hope to let Ni remember them and visit them often. 

To the ladies of this daycare, thank you. Thank you for every boo-boo you healed and kissed while mommy and daddy were at work. Thank you for taking care of a piece of my heart as if she was your own. D and I cannot thank you all enough for your love and compassion. 


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