Small Wins

Being depressed 90% of the time really does its toll on you. You find little pleasure in things that brought delight to your heart just days prior. For me, depression has been an ongoing struggle for the past decade. I am a person of extremes, seldomly with in-betweens. I love to the extreme, I hate to the extreme. That’s how my depression is too. 

I have been trying hard to make myself feel accomplished, fulfilled with my day-to-day and looking for small wins to add to my happy list. Today’s small win was I finished the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and both bedrooms before noon. It may seem to you that those things are so mediocre but for a person like me, going through what I am, those are my baby steps, small wins towards a happier, mentally-healthier life. 

I feel slightly less depressed looking at my clean house this afternoon and that’s a big deal for me. 

Do you have small wins that help you get through your depression? 


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