Testimonial From A True Freshii Fan

As you all know, a couple of months ago I did two rounds of the 3-day Freshii juice cleanse. My first round was extremely hard and I didn’t follow the nutritionists recommendations; which caused bloating and discomfort. The second round of juice cleansing was slightly easier and after after the nutritionists post-cleanse recommendation, I felt lighter and refreshed.

Recently, that same nutritionists contacted me for a testimonial about my experiences and why I chose Freshii’s juice cleanse instead of the others out there. My main reason for choosing Freshii was mostly the convenience and their reputation. The convenience was that it was close by and the staff even stayed open a bit later for me so that I could pick my juices and salad each evening after work. The reputation of Freshii was another deciding factor for me. Matthew Corin has done a phenomenal job at maintaining the integrity of his franchise and brand. Every store you go to is the same; friendly staff, consistent quality and quantity and calm atmosphere. The one major deciding factor was that I saw the juices made right in front of me, instead of being repackaged. I knew exactly what was going into my juices and that was reassuring that I wasn’t putting a bunch of chemically enhanced ingredients in my body.

The price for the juice cleanse was slightly higher than I’d like to pay. As I mentioned above, seeing your juice prepared in front of you is definitely worth paying a higher price. The only thing that I seriously didn’t like was the carrying containers and cups the juice was in. I travel by public transit sometimes and carrying those flimsy juice cups and carrying box was quite inconvenient. I know they used recycled material for the carry box; which is always appreciated and good for the environment, but had they invested in something slightly more sturdy, it would have been convenient for customers.

I’ve already done the juice cleanse twice and plan on doing it once more before the summer is over. It’ll help with the weight-loss journey I’m on. I’ve even recommended to many of my friends that are trying to lose weight and stay fit and will continue to recommend it in the future.

I just wish they would add some more flavors to the mix so that after the second day you don’t get bored with drinking it!

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