Ni’s 32nd Month Birthday Letter

Happy 32nd Month Birthday, baby girl!

I know mommy has been absolutely terrible at writing your birthday letters the past couple of months. But so much has been going on that mommy just forgets. I’m sorry darling!

You’ve started a new pre-school and are growing into such a beautiful little girl. You also started your terrible twos! So, you’ve been quite the handful these past couple of months. You throw tantrums and toys across the house. You yell and pinch and cry if you don’t get your way. But you’re not all that terrible. You give the sweetest hugs and kisses all the time. You hold mine and daddy’s hand and jump up and down. You say, “I love you” and “good morning/night”. You mostly always say please and thank you; which makes me so proud of how polite you are.

You are growing up so quickly, my darling. With only a couple of months left until your third birthday, I am uncertain of how time has flown by so quickly. But know that no matter how old you get, mommy and daddy will love you dearly and you’ll always be our little angel.

Here are some pictures of the past couple of months I missed to write birthday letters to you about.

Lunch date with mommy!
Daddy and you went raspberry picking with your pre-school.
Hari and I went grocery shopping and you were with us. while we put away the rest of the groceries, you found your way into the strawberries ans ate half the box. there were strawberries everywhere!
You and daddy; hand-in-hand. Our trip to costco
Liat came down for a visit and decided to pick you up after daycare. The two of you are always all giggles and kisses.
My little diva ready for an evening out with mommy! You are such a little poser.
You love roasted sweet corn: at the taste of the Danforth.
You and me playing with the bubble gun Jia got for you, at the taste of Danforth.
My little Indian princess, all dressed up to go with Nani and Nanu to the temple.
Sunday morning shenanigans with daddy. All he wanted was to take a little nap but you turned him into your horsey.
At the end of the night after a long day at CNE, you decided you would finally sit in your stroller, holding all the toys mommy won for you!

Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

Happy Friday, my darlings! Hope your week has been better than mine started out to be. Monday and Tuesday I was home sick with possible food poisoning. To add to the pain, a clusterfuck started between me and two of my closest friends (as you probably noticed from my post on Monday). I was betrayed by one that I thought of as my best friend. 

The rest of the week was pretty much a write-off and push to get to the weekend. So here we are, Friday morning! I’m anticipating a fun, clusterfuck-free weekend and to set the mood, here’s your weekly dose of funny! Hope your weekend is fun-filled and clusterfuck-free.


Never Put More Faith In Someone Than They Deserve

197075_1291417941423_5872494_nSometimes people come in our lives and immediately become one of the most important people you’ll ever meet. You become so close to them, trust them with your deepest, darkest secrets and rely on them to be everything you were lacking in your life.

You trust them with everything you are and give them so much importance. But sometimes, these people take the importance you are giving them for granted. They treat you with disrespect and are mean at times, but because you have made them out to be so important in your life that you overlook all the terrible things they say or do. You ignore the fact that they are verbally and emotionally hurting you. It’s like you’ve got an imaginary blindfold over your eyes. You see everything they are doing, but you don’t let it bother you because they are your friend, they are important, they are everything and everyone you rely on.

But you are nothing for them. You don’t have any importance in their life. You are just another person they meet and talk to. They continue to be mean to you and say things that should hurt you. But you ignore it all. You continue on with your ignorance and stupidity.

Until one day, everything explodes. All secrets are unveiled. All lies told. All truths opened. The world around you shatters. The walls cave in and you are left defenceless, helpless, vulnerable and exposed. With nowhere to turn, you face the reality of your ignorance and are hit head-on with things you never thought others would know.

Here I am today; completely exposed. So, what do I do next? Any suggestions? Because today, I am completely lost. I put my life and trust in the hands of a friend, that betrayed me in the worst possible way. It was my fault, I admit it. It was all my fault. But what do I do now?

Restaurant Diaires: Bar Milano

A friend suggested we take a stroll along the harbour front last weekend and so we did. We were all hungry as none of us had dinner yet. The new harbour front, here in Toronto, is stunning. It’s the perfect place to spend endless summer nights. There is always so much happening there too.

With the transformation of the harbour front have come a few top notch restaurants; Bar Milano and Watermark. By the time we walked the strip, Watermark was already closed. So we ended up having dinner at Bar Milano. The atmosphere is beautiful and the patio even more so as it looks out to lake Ontario.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of all the food we ate because I was so turned off from the service we received by the time the appetizers arrived; I just didn’t have it in me to care further. But the appetizers we did try, were absolutely delicious.  

Cauliflower fritters and barbecue glazed chicken wings on a white sauce. Both of those dishes were to die for. Absolutely delicious!

I had a Pepperoni Gino pizza as my entree and to be honest, for a restaurant that calls themselves Italian, they suck at making pizzas. My pizza was undercooked and soggy. If that didn’t ruin my night, the service just added fuel to the fire.

My two and a half year old daughter was with us, she wasn’t offered a drink or plate. It was a chilly night and her nose was running an ocean. When I asked the waitress the fourth time to get me some napkins for my daughter, she said sure and disappeared into the restaurant. I finally was annoyed enough that I got up, walked up to the bar and ripped a piece of paper towel sitting on the counter. The bartender gave me a snarky look but I just smiled back and rolled my eyes and walked away.

Fifteen minutes later, the waitress returned with paper towel, not apologizing once for the delay. How could she? She was standing by the bar yapping away with another waitress while her customers waited impatiently.

When the food was served, not by Ms. Yappy, but another server, I asked him for a plate and straw and glass of water for my daughter; which he did bring ten minutes after we had already gotten into our food.

Here’s my verdicts: if you’re looking for appetizers that are delicious, bad entrees, incompetent service; then this is the place to blow your $150 for 4 adults and a child. Needless to say, I will not be returning or suggesting friends and family visit this place, I’d be too embarrassed of the outcome of their experience!

When Trust Is Broken

  Why is trust such a fragile part of a relationship? Whether it be a friendship, a love between two people or a relationship between siblings or other family members; trust is what each relationship is built on. The foundation of every relationship is trust, then respect. 

If trust is broken, the relationship cracks. You can try putting the pieces back together. But no matter how hard you try to cover them up, the cracks still appear. No matter how many times the person says sorry, it doesn’t heal your broken heart. As much as you want, you cannot forget why the other person has done, you cannot look past the crack they have made in your relationship. 

You want to say so much to them, cry and scream. But what is the point? The damage is already done. 

So do you pick up the pieces of your relationship and try to rebuild that trust again or do you sweep away the pieces and move on with your life? A million questions run through your mind. You’ve been betrayed. You feel at loss for words and emotions. You’re crying because you don’t know how else to let out the storm that has built up inside you. 

Forgiveness is easy. But how do you forget? How do you trust again? Should you even? So many questions, but not an answer in sight. 

Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

Happy Friday, lovelies! I started my new job on Monday and it’s been quite the week; lots of training, reading, learning and even laughing. My new colleagues are great. But I do miss some of my old ones. I’ve kept in touch with some of them, so it’s not too bad. But when you’re the new person, it takes time getting to know who you’re going to become friends with and who you’re not.

All-in-all, it’s been a good week. But I am so looking forward to the weekend!

Let’s start your Friday off with some funnies and set the mood for the weekend ahead. TGIF & HAGW! xoxo


Restaurant Diaries: Karaikudi

My husband loves South Indian food and after being turned off from our regular place, last year we discovered this fantastic restaurant in the nook of Scarborough. I was sceptical to try this place because of the experience we had with the last place, but ever since we went here last year, I have become a fan and regularly insist we have lunch here (even though South Indian food isn’t my favourite).

I’m a very consistent person, I order the same items almost always off the menus at my favourite restaurants. Here are my top picks for Karaikudi:

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop

The chicken lollipops are my favourite. They take me back to the time I went to Mumbai with my hubby and had them there. The taste is always consistent, fresh and delicious. But they’ve got a slight kick to them and the hot sauce you get with them just adds the wow-factor!

Paper Dosa
Paper Dosa

What can I say about the paper dosa? It is the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity. Crispy as can be with amazing chutney on the side. The coconut (white one) is my favourite, but the red one adds the heat to the simplicity of the dosa. The sambar is pretty good, but I’m not a sambar fan to begin with so I normally don’t have too much of it.

Masoor Masala Dosa
Masoor Masala Dosa

D’s favourite is the Masoor Masala Dosa with gun-powder sauce on the side. This is one heck of a spicy dish and seriously has an acquired taste. But he loves it and swears that it tastes as amazing as it does back home.

Chettinad Chicken
Chettinad Chicken

The Chettinad chicken and paratha just go perfectly together. Chettinad itself is an exceptionally spicy type of curries but with the paratha being light and flaky, the spices mellow down and the flavour you get of the two together is just something out of this world. The only downside to this curry is that the pieces of chicken aren’t boneless. But that’s a preference thing, most people enjoy having the bone in their curries; I however, don’t!


As you can see, a meal for 4 adults with many items off the menu; that can be shared due to their large portions is fairly priced. This place has a points system; every time you visit, your net total is calculated to accumulate points. Once you read 100 points, you get $10 off your next meal. I think that’s a pretty good way to keep customer loyalty. Plus, you get emails from time-to-time with special promotions; which is great to save some $$$.

Check out Karaikudi’s website HERE and let me know what you think!