For The Love Of Food: Restaurant Diaries

I am a foodie. I love food. I enjoy tasting different cuisines and visiting various restaurants around Toronto. Matter of fact, anywhere I go, whether in Toronto or not, I like to critique the food I eat. But I haven’t written about it on my blog, until now. 

A recent experience has sparked a rage in my mind to talk about it, to write about and give a proper review to fellow foodies and restaurant-goers. If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll know, I always photograph the foods I’m trying.

After much discussion with D and my friends, I’ve decided to begin a Restaurant Diaires section on my blog. It will be a review section of the various restaurants, food festivals and food trucks I try. I hope you enjoy my two cents and it helps you decide whether or not to visit a restaurant. Stay tuned for my two cents! 


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