Restaurant Diaries: Rol Sans

If you’ve walked around Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto, you’ll know there are hundreds of Chinese restaurants to indulge in. The one me, D and Hari frequent at is one of the best I’ve had in this city. Rol Sans is always busy, open until the wee hours in the night and the food is consistently delicious every time we visit.

We’ve pretty much nailed down our 5-6 favorite items off their menu. Here’s my favorite items from Rol Sans:

Steamed veggie dumplings. These aren’t my favorite. I just can’t stomach the gooey putter wrapper of these dumplings but D and Hari love them.

 These are also steamed but stuffed with chicken.

 These fried shrimp dumplings are the best. With a little hot sauce they are the perfect appetizer.

  Fried shrimp in a spicy seasoning. These are quite spicy but the flavour just goes well with the rest of the items we order.

Sautéed bok choy leafs with garlic sauce. This is probably my favorite item on the menu.

The egg-fried rice is  pretty good. We normally get the chicken fried rice; which is a bit more colorful. But decided to try the egg fried rice this week. It was delicious and the rice was so flavorful and moist. You could probably eat this on its own!

$82 later, there was food still left over but we were all satisfied and full. The price seems a bit steep but four of us ate, plus the guys had a Tsing-Tao beer each. So the price does work out to about $22.50 per person after tip; which is fairly reasonable for good food and service.

If you’re in the GTA, make sure to spin by 323 Spadina Ave. and taste this awesome Chinese food; your taste buds will thank you!



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