A New Day

Today was the first of many days to come at my new job. I thought I would have been nervous, but I wasn’t. First new job in 7 years, how could I not? But I really wasn’t. Instead I was anxious to jump in and start the process and begin working on my project. 

Unfortunately, the beginning of my day was with HR and their orientation, followed by 5 hours of reading policies and preforming various tests. It was a long brutal day of reading. But when you’re the new kid, you’ve got to learn the trade and procedures. 

My team and the people situated near me seem nice, except for one; she looked fairly grumpy and unimpressed to be introduced to me. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that get my spirits down. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve got a bunch of meetings lined up to take me through my account, client and the overall project. I’m assuming by Friday, the full project should be handed over to me, although, I may not exactly know what to do with it fully. 

It’s a new day. A new beginning. So whatever day one was, tomorrow will only be better. Wish me luck and patience to wrap my head around this other dimension of media. 


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