Restaurant Diaries: Karaikudi

My husband loves South Indian food and after being turned off from our regular place, last year we discovered this fantastic restaurant in the nook of Scarborough. I was sceptical to try this place because of the experience we had with the last place, but ever since we went here last year, I have become a fan and regularly insist we have lunch here (even though South Indian food isn’t my favourite).

I’m a very consistent person, I order the same items almost always off the menus at my favourite restaurants. Here are my top picks for Karaikudi:

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop

The chicken lollipops are my favourite. They take me back to the time I went to Mumbai with my hubby and had them there. The taste is always consistent, fresh and delicious. But they’ve got a slight kick to them and the hot sauce you get with them just adds the wow-factor!

Paper Dosa
Paper Dosa

What can I say about the paper dosa? It is the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity. Crispy as can be with amazing chutney on the side. The coconut (white one) is my favourite, but the red one adds the heat to the simplicity of the dosa. The sambar is pretty good, but I’m not a sambar fan to begin with so I normally don’t have too much of it.

Masoor Masala Dosa
Masoor Masala Dosa

D’s favourite is the Masoor Masala Dosa with gun-powder sauce on the side. This is one heck of a spicy dish and seriously has an acquired taste. But he loves it and swears that it tastes as amazing as it does back home.

Chettinad Chicken
Chettinad Chicken

The Chettinad chicken and paratha just go perfectly together. Chettinad itself is an exceptionally spicy type of curries but with the paratha being light and flaky, the spices mellow down and the flavour you get of the two together is just something out of this world. The only downside to this curry is that the pieces of chicken aren’t boneless. But that’s a preference thing, most people enjoy having the bone in their curries; I however, don’t!


As you can see, a meal for 4 adults with many items off the menu; that can be shared due to their large portions is fairly priced. This place has a points system; every time you visit, your net total is calculated to accumulate points. Once you read 100 points, you get $10 off your next meal. I think that’s a pretty good way to keep customer loyalty. Plus, you get emails from time-to-time with special promotions; which is great to save some $$$.

Check out Karaikudi’s website HERE and let me know what you think!

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