When Trust Is Broken

  Why is trust such a fragile part of a relationship? Whether it be a friendship, a love between two people or a relationship between siblings or other family members; trust is what each relationship is built on. The foundation of every relationship is trust, then respect. 

If trust is broken, the relationship cracks. You can try putting the pieces back together. But no matter how hard you try to cover them up, the cracks still appear. No matter how many times the person says sorry, it doesn’t heal your broken heart. As much as you want, you cannot forget why the other person has done, you cannot look past the crack they have made in your relationship. 

You want to say so much to them, cry and scream. But what is the point? The damage is already done. 

So do you pick up the pieces of your relationship and try to rebuild that trust again or do you sweep away the pieces and move on with your life? A million questions run through your mind. You’ve been betrayed. You feel at loss for words and emotions. You’re crying because you don’t know how else to let out the storm that has built up inside you. 

Forgiveness is easy. But how do you forget? How do you trust again? Should you even? So many questions, but not an answer in sight. 

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