Restaurant Diaires: Bar Milano

A friend suggested we take a stroll along the harbour front last weekend and so we did. We were all hungry as none of us had dinner yet. The new harbour front, here in Toronto, is stunning. It’s the perfect place to spend endless summer nights. There is always so much happening there too.

With the transformation of the harbour front have come a few top notch restaurants; Bar Milano and Watermark. By the time we walked the strip, Watermark was already closed. So we ended up having dinner at Bar Milano. The atmosphere is beautiful and the patio even more so as it looks out to lake Ontario.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of all the food we ate because I was so turned off from the service we received by the time the appetizers arrived; I just didn’t have it in me to care further. But the appetizers we did try, were absolutely delicious.  

Cauliflower fritters and barbecue glazed chicken wings on a white sauce. Both of those dishes were to die for. Absolutely delicious!

I had a Pepperoni Gino pizza as my entree and to be honest, for a restaurant that calls themselves Italian, they suck at making pizzas. My pizza was undercooked and soggy. If that didn’t ruin my night, the service just added fuel to the fire.

My two and a half year old daughter was with us, she wasn’t offered a drink or plate. It was a chilly night and her nose was running an ocean. When I asked the waitress the fourth time to get me some napkins for my daughter, she said sure and disappeared into the restaurant. I finally was annoyed enough that I got up, walked up to the bar and ripped a piece of paper towel sitting on the counter. The bartender gave me a snarky look but I just smiled back and rolled my eyes and walked away.

Fifteen minutes later, the waitress returned with paper towel, not apologizing once for the delay. How could she? She was standing by the bar yapping away with another waitress while her customers waited impatiently.

When the food was served, not by Ms. Yappy, but another server, I asked him for a plate and straw and glass of water for my daughter; which he did bring ten minutes after we had already gotten into our food.

Here’s my verdicts: if you’re looking for appetizers that are delicious, bad entrees, incompetent service; then this is the place to blow your $150 for 4 adults and a child. Needless to say, I will not be returning or suggesting friends and family visit this place, I’d be too embarrassed of the outcome of their experience!


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