Never Put More Faith In Someone Than They Deserve

197075_1291417941423_5872494_nSometimes people come in our lives and immediately become one of the most important people you’ll ever meet. You become so close to them, trust them with your deepest, darkest secrets and rely on them to be everything you were lacking in your life.

You trust them with everything you are and give them so much importance. But sometimes, these people take the importance you are giving them for granted. They treat you with disrespect and are mean at times, but because you have made them out to be so important in your life that you overlook all the terrible things they say or do. You ignore the fact that they are verbally and emotionally hurting you. It’s like you’ve got an imaginary blindfold over your eyes. You see everything they are doing, but you don’t let it bother you because they are your friend, they are important, they are everything and everyone you rely on.

But you are nothing for them. You don’t have any importance in their life. You are just another person they meet and talk to. They continue to be mean to you and say things that should hurt you. But you ignore it all. You continue on with your ignorance and stupidity.

Until one day, everything explodes. All secrets are unveiled. All lies told. All truths opened. The world around you shatters. The walls cave in and you are left defenceless, helpless, vulnerable and exposed. With nowhere to turn, you face the reality of your ignorance and are hit head-on with things you never thought others would know.

Here I am today; completely exposed. So, what do I do next? Any suggestions? Because today, I am completely lost. I put my life and trust in the hands of a friend, that betrayed me in the worst possible way. It was my fault, I admit it. It was all my fault. But what do I do now?


4 thoughts on “Never Put More Faith In Someone Than They Deserve”

  1. Hey
    this happened with me about two years ago.
    i used to think the world about someone to whome I was just a nobody.
    I wont say u to forget because that is something impossible. It took me one whole year to overcome this. i completely understand your situation. Talk to a close friend, spend some time alone, do something you love, go out, eat a good meal, watch a comedy movie. No one is worth our sadness and tears…LOL and if possible, call them anonymously and shout all the abuses you know 😀

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    1. Thanks Zara for your kind words and support. But I won’t cry over anyone or shed a tear. What this person did was unforgivable. They were a friend and well, right now I just don’t want to trust anyone or anything about anything. We’ll see where this whole situation takes me.

      Thanks again for your concern and for sharing your personal experience. I’ve cut them out of my life. That is all I have left to give them. Freedom.

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