A Weekend To Reconnect

When you’re married, when you have a child or children, when you’re both working full-time and different shifts; life takes a toll on your marriage. Your relationship and understanding of each other is put to the test. Your ability to communicate to each other is weighed by the obstacles and dilemmas occurring in your life at that specific moment. Taking the time to talk and discuss pressing matters or even how you’re feeling becomes a major task in itself.

Your life and everything in it, weighs you down. Your spouse and you stop communicating because you don’t have the time to make the other person understand what you are saying and when you say what you want to say without explaining it, the two of you just end up bickering at each other or walking away in frustration. So, you stop communicating all together.

Of course, you talk to each other on the phone during working hours and for the few minutes you see each other before bedtime. But you don’t actually talk-talk, like discuss what’s going on and how you’re feeling. And all that not talking, leads to resentment. It leads to misunderstandings. It leads to regret. It leads to wondering why you got married and all those other millions of questions that follow that why.

Sometimes, you need to put everything aside and decide to make the time and effort to work on your marriage and that is exactly what D and I are doing this weekend. We’re going away for a mini vacation with the hopes of working some of our differences away. It took a lot of effort and planning to get to this point but we need it. I’ve felt like we were drifting away from each other and due to the lack of time, there was a lot of frustration and resentment building up. 

I’m hoping to come back refreshed and a bit less frustrated. 

How do you deal with your domestic drama and lack of communication? Have any tips to share? I’d love to discuss! Let me know and wish me luck on my mini-vacay (hopefully we don’t beat the crap out of each other in the process). Lol!