Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

TGIF, lovelies! Although this was a ridiculously short week for me, I had so much backlog from the days I was off that I’m still playing the catch-up game. Plus, I’ve still got to drive up to Oakville this morning for a 4-hour product review with my clients. Yay for being stuck on the QEW in back-to-back traffic (NOT).

But it’s Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend. D and I decided that we were going to take Ni to Centre Island finally. She loves the water and what better place to take her than Centre Island? Plus, fall and winter are just around the corner, so I want to get in as much sun and fun-time with her as possible.

So, here’s to get you through your Friday and into the weekend with a cheerful and funny note. Enjoy this week’s dose of funny and have a fantastic Friday and weekend!






IMG_1195 IMG_1196




Please note: these images were taken from various Facebook fan pages and are not mine.