New Job Update

The weekends seem to fly by quickly and the work week takes forever to end. It’s not that I don’t like my new job, but I enjoy being home, lazing around and sleeping in more. My new job is pretty great. Last Friday was my first meeting with my clients,the meeting went pretty smoothly or so I think.

As for the job itself, it’s mostly the same concept as my previous job; product and project management. I just have a different title and product now and the projects are never-ending and all for the same product.

The people are friendly, except two. But then every office has it’s politically incorrect bunch. Unfortunately, for me, they sit right next to me, so I have to be careful with how I act or what I say. Don’t worry though, I’m a big girl and don’t let the two of them phase me much.

So, that’s where I am with my new job. It’s nice to be busy and to be learning new things. I do miss my colleagues/friends from my previous job, though. You know, the work can be whatever it is, but the people are what make you either hate or love your job and going to work every day and I miss those people that used to make me look forward to going to my previous job. Thankfully, they’re just down the street from me and do send me emails/text messages, so I’m staying in touch with them and will hopefully, meet up for lunch with them. It’s not that bad without them. But I still miss them.

Anyway, enjoy your week and smile at the people who make it a little more worthwhile going to work. Xoxo.