Happy Monday

Dev, Ni and I spent most of Saturday lazing around the house. We did nothing, except watched a stupid comedy movie on TV and then attended a small dinner party at a friend’s house. Dinner was great; homemade South Indian food = YUM! Our friend’s parents are here from India and the mother invited us over to meet and greet. It was a nice evening filled with good food and endless laughs. I’ll be having everyone over to my place in about two weeks for a Punjabi style dinner and more laughs. I’m really looking forward to that. I love hosting dinner parties and the appreciation you get is just priceless. Plus, all the silly jokes, stories and comedy that comes with having friends over.

As for Sunday, I did five loads of laundry at 5 am and then ended up crashing on the couch until noon-ish. My parents were coming over for lunch, as they’ll soon be going to India and my mother needed me to take her shopping. It was a nice afternoon with them. Dev, Ni and my dad stayed home, while my mom and I shopped. We picked up lunch from one of my favourite restaurants in Scarborough.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. But it flew by far too quickly. Dev and I are planning again to try to make it out to Quebec City in the next couple of weeks. Maybe over the Thanksgiving long-weekend. He hasn’t been to Quebec City and really wants to get away for a couple of days before old man winter arrives. So, we’re in the works of planning that out. Hopefully, prices won’t be as steep as they were during Labour Day long-weekend; which is why we didn’t end up going there.

Anyway, lovelies, have an amazing week. Do something inspiring, spontaneous and fun and don’t let the work-life drain you too much. Xoxo – Happy Monday!


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