Planning Ni’s 3rd Birthday Party

NI's First Day of Daycare
NI’s First Day of Daycare

Can you believe it? My little munchkin is going to be 3-years old next month! It surprises me and shocks me to see how big she’s gotten. I mean, just look at her in this photo above, she was only 1-years old and now she’s almost 3. Wow! How quickly time flies.

As you all know, she’s a Halloween baby. As I’ve done for the past two years, I will be planning a costume birthday party for her this year as well. However, this year, we’ve decided not to invite adults and basically have 5-6 children come over that attend the same daycare as her. Plus, I’ll be taking a cake into daycare for her, so that she can celebrate her birthday with her classmates as well.

The theme this year is Minnie Mouse! Well actually, we are debating between Dora the Explorer and Minnie Mouse. I think Ni likes both, I prefer Minnie. But Dev told me to also consider Dora. I just find it hard to picture Ni dressed up as Dora, plus, Minnie Mouse is so much cuter. But we’re going to leave it up to Ni to decide.

The plan is to print out a couple of pictures of each character and put them up around the house, the ones Ni collects the most of is the one we’ll be choosing as the theme for the party. After all, it is her party and she should be the one to decide which character she’d like to see at her birthday, right?

Right now, I’m mostly occupied by figuring out what I’m going to feed the kids that do come over and what games/activities we’re going to do. So, I’m spending a lot of my free-time on Pinterest hunting for ideas.

If you know any, do share. I could really use the help because this is the first party that I’m having kids over for and I just don’t know what exciting games we can play.

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