Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

Happy Friday, my darlings!I hope your week has been fabulous! Mine was pretty good until yesterday when I started getting sick. Not to say, my week has gotten worse but, I don’t like being sick, especially when I have a new job and can’t be home resting. But I think today, I don’t have a choice and will have to go home shortly. I came in super early to get my work done and send off any last-minute files/assets to people who required them and will probably go home in a little while. I’m really feeling crappy today and hope this cold or flu doesn’t knock me down this weekend because I’ve got a lot of things on my “to-do list” to cross-off.

Ni is spending the weekend at my parent’s place this weekend to allow Dev and I to plan her birthday party and buy all the items needed for it. In addition, we are picking up a new (thicker) mattress for the little princess as the one she now has on her bed is too thin and uncomfortable. I really need to get this kid out of my bedroom and back in her own bed. Dev has a lot of trouble sleeping next to her because she dances and kicks and twirls in her sleep and the poor guy ends up feeling completely beaten up by the time he’s woken up. Me, I just pass out due to lack of sleep-deprivation and don’t really notice anything. But Dev complains a lot. So, my hope is, when we’ve finally set-up her room with the few little details she’s missing and add a new mattress, she’ll start sleeping there again. We’ll see. Will let you know how that goes.

Have a fantastic Friday and long-weekend for all my Canadian friends celebrating Thanksgiving! Here’s your weekly dose of funny!

(Disclaimer: none of these images are produced by me and have been taken from various Facebook fan pages)

12144776_979871862083742_1874570086228031517_n 12141667_901004503341847_5661383370847651487_n 12112014_10153200262623034_7956183546200264016_n 12042886_979867702084158_2377931142289353640_n 11825015_984860088225382_2721480556708427576_n 10356711_10152554876012261_8729651277322301669_n 19801_900920550016909_3719844148310366033_n IMG_1977 IMG_1976 IMG_1948 IMG_1947


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