Restaurant Diaries: Curry Twist

You’re all aware that my father was a chef for the better part of his life. He owned one of the first Indian restaurants in Toronto and happily served the community for over 47 years. Since he retired back in 2012, Dev and I have tried to find a restaurant that cooks and serves the food similar to how my father used to. With over 1500 Indian restaurants in the GTA alone, it’s impossible to visit each one. But the many that I have visited has disappointed my taste buds. Until now!

A couple of weeks ago, my taste buds craved for something spicy and rich in flavour and what better cuisine  to satisfy that craving than Indian food. We reviewed many restaurants online and one little place, on the other side of the city had raving reviews, Curry Twist. We dropped in late on a Friday night, so it was quiet and parking was easy to find on the street. After being seated, I examined the restaurant. It wasn’t anything fancy. Small in width but a good size overall. The waiter was pleasant, however, too anxious to serve us than to indulge in small talk or answer many questions.

Chicken Seekh Kabob
Chicken Seekh Kabob

For our appetizer, we ordered seekh kabobs. OMG! My taste buds went crazy. The mixture of seekh kabobs, the spices that complimented this perfectly tandoori chunks of chicken just blew my taste buds away. Add the mint chutney to the mix and your taste buds will thank you. The chicken seekh kabobs were so good, that Dev and decided to order a second portion. Mind you, the first portion, as delicious as it was a small portion for two people to share.

Goan Fish Curry
Goan Fish Curry

For the main course, Dev couldn’t help resist ordering the Goan Fish Curry; fish curry is one of his favourite curries. I personally, don’t enjoy fish curry of any type. I’m just not a fish lover. But he was happily satisfied with the blend of coconut, spices and garlic sauce. He did find the curry slightly on the sweet side; which was disappointing, especially when a Goan Fish curry is generally assumed to be spicy. However, he didn’t complain too much as the fish was cooked perfectly.

Lamb Twist Masala
Lamb Twist Masala

I ordered Lamb Twist Masala Curry. Dev’s not much of a lamb-eater. So, I don’t cook it much at home, but love to enjoy it for dinner when eating out. This lamb curry was best lamb curry I’ve had since my father closed down his restaurant. It was made to perfection. Perfectly juicy pieces of lamb blended with a perfect concoction of spices in a tomato-based sauce. This curry took me back to the years and years of eating at my father’s restaurant. After one bite, I had to get up and go see the chef. I honestly believed the chef was a former chef from my father’s restaurant. He wasn’t. But I complimented him nonetheless.

Garlic Naan
Garlic Naan

We enjoyed our curries with garlic naan. They were so flaky, perfectly cooked and seasoned.

This little restaurant seriously has something going for it. As we were paying, I handed the waiter my card (for my blog), told him to stay tuned to a review and said, I almost NEVER visit an Indian restaurant twice. He asked why. I said, “I haven’t found one that reminds me of true Indian cooking.” Of course, his next question was, “will you be visiting us again?” I laughed, “you better believe it!”

That was one of the best Indian meals I’ve had in a really long time. The restaurant is situated on the other side of the city from where I live but absolutely worth the trip.

IMG_2081You have to try this place out. For $70, I promise you, you’re going to thank me!

Curry Twist
3034 Dundas St. West, Toronto M6P 1Z3
416-769-5460 | 647-74-TWIST (89478)

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