A New Day. A New Canada.

CanadaThe one thing I have avoided to discuss on my blog is politics. I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs and the right to choose a certain political party and because of that, I never wanted to push my views on others. But today, I have to share my excitement and relief towards the results from last night’s Federal Elections.

The Liberals won. Canada is finally Harper-free.

I don’t follow politics to the nitty-gritty to know who promised what and who screwed us in which way. But what I do know is as a Canadian, my excitement to see Mr. Harper lose and resign his position as Canada’s Prime Minister is shared by many. As a Canadian, I’ve seen Mr. Harper take away so much money from the middle-class, from us. I’ve seen Mr. Harper fill the pockets of his wealthy counterparts; while we struggled to make ends meet. I’ve seen Mr. Harper cut down government services and healthcare. I’ve seen Mr. Harper raise taxes, over and over again. I’ve seen Mr. Harper bring this country into recession, increase the costs of living, try to divide who we are as Canadians and happily accept our defeat time and time again.

Today is a new day.

I am glad that Mr. Trudeau has won. I hope he will stand true to his promises and help us Canadians feel united and comfortable to live in this country. I hope Mr. Trudeau will put money back into our pockets and increase the services this government has provided us prior to Mr. Harper taking office. I hope Mr. Trudeau will secure Canada for our children’s futures and give them hope that they too can live happily, successfully and in hopes for a prosperous future, in this country again.

A Final Goodbye Note to Mr. Harper:

Thank you for “trying” to serve us Canadians for the past 10 years. We appreciate you putting us in recession and filling the bank accounts of your wealthy friends. We are thankful that you tried to divide us culturally and religiously; because today we immigrants Canadians stand stronger together, united. We thank you for putting us through misery over the years, because today Canada has come-out and voted you out of the stands.

Thank you Mr. Harper.

Here’s to a new Canada!


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