Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope your week was amazing and you are looking forward to an even better weekend.

My week was fantastic but ridiculously busy. With getting a fitting and then being on live tv and then having to go out to meet clients the following day, it was so exhausting. Today I am off work (yay, long-weekend for me) and have a lot of tasks on my to-do list to complete. 

Ni’s 3rd birthday is a week away and although I’m done the shopping part, I still have a lot of organizing and planning to do. I’ve invited seven toddlers over to celebrate her birthday and need to figure out activities to keep them entertained. 

Plus, Dev and I have decided to pay off our car this weekend; thanks to a generous gift/donation from my parents, so I’m spending part of my day at the bank to get our finances in order. If all of that wasn’t enough, we’re also CUV/SUV hunting this weekend. 

It’s going to be a jam-packed, busy weekend. But I’m looking forward to it with excitement. I hope you all have an amazing weekend as well. I better go get my day started! 

Happy Friday! Here’s your weekly dose of funny!

(Disclaimer: none of these images are my own and have been taken from various Facebook fan pages)   


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