Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

It’s Friday and that’s a beautiful thing! I’ve got the day off work so that I can pick up Nid’s birthday cake and prepare for her party tomorrow. I’m writing this post really early as my schedule is jammed-packed today and I probably won’t have much time to write later on or tomorrow.

The week has been pretty good, except I fell sick (yes, again) on Tuesday afternoon. I thought, maybe it’s just a cold, but this thing knocked me off my ass on Wednesday. I barely even got off the bed. I ended up having my neighbour come over and care for Nid until Dev got home; which I had him come home early because I just couldn’t function.

Yesterday, was mainly a write-off as well but I did go to work for a couple of hours. It was just hard to survive the full day with the pressure in my sinuses and constant coughing causing my ribs to hurt. I woke up this morning with the same cough and headache, so I’ve asked a friend to come down and help me with many of the tasks I’ve got on my list. The plan is for me to pick up the cake and then spend most of the day in bed, so that I can feel 100% or close to it by tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, lovelies, have a fantastic Friday and amazing weekend! Here’s your weekly dose of funny to kick it off.

12143300_896411890455386_6852685812669246638_n 12115912_908745615901069_6743885605150913645_n 12074751_906250299483934_779962528931378365_n 12193276_912756775499953_968033907280121982_n 12140824_909667912475506_3191269151197875285_n 12108976_910367032405594_8512820702345600042_n 12046690_988941044510157_4024747652682593401_n 12038065_901295633300345_4799420512252471559_n 11856400_777405805703168_1136432829159340659_o 17024_910382455737385_8940345228074966567_n


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