Your Weekly Dose Of Funny

Happy Friday, my darlings!

This week has been fantastic. I’m somewhat feeling better and so is Nid. But the fantastic part of the week was last night when I paid off my car. Yay! It is a great feeling knowing that I won’t have car payments for the next little while; well, until Dev and I decide on which new car or SUV we are interested in purchasing.

As for the work week, it’s been pretty slow; which can be very boring. But it goes up and down. Next week might be a really busy one, so it’s good that this week was slower.

Finally, my birthday is less than two weeks away and I am super excited for it. You know, every year I battle my mind on whether I’m happy about my birthday or not and every year, it ends up being that I am happy about it. I love it when it’s my birthday. Lots of retailers send you special birthday promos and gifts. People are extra nice to you on that day. You receive tons of messages on Facebook from friends and family from around the world. And if you’re lucky, your special someone or family plan something exciting for you. I really don’t care for the gifts much because I normally buy myself things I want and need. But I do love it when I receive cake and flowers. That’s the best part of the day, waking up or coming home to a bouquet of stunning flowers. I just love it!

Anyway, that’s still two weeks away. So, I’ll write more about it next week. You all have a fantastic weekend, eat, love, enjoy! Here’s your weekly dose of funny.

(Disclaimer: none of these images are my own and have been taken from various Facebook fan pages)

IMG_2500 IMG_2493 IMG_2345 IMG_2344 12208617_985788101483485_4312280541162484208_n 12193537_917196421722655_43219492549640004_n 12193404_10153710845586489_365667600317354409_n 12189721_917036358405328_2837708731403298940_n 12189030_917037228405241_2401576340579014717_n 10300522_10152115918866238_632067347966635193_n


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