Dollar Store Decorating For The Holidays

Our Christmas tree

When you’re a decorating junkie, like I am, you have to make sure you set a budget for yourself or else, you’ll over spend and make a pretty hole in your wallet.

For the past couple of years, we’ve had a tabletop Christmas tree from the Dollar Store. It cost me $3 and the decorations cost another $10. But now that Nid is older and understands that there are things in the house that she just cannot mess with, we decided to get a large tree, a seven and a half foot tree to be exact.

The tree was on sale, it came pre-lit and only set me back about $80 after taxes. I got really lucky with my tree since Home Depot decided to have a pre-Black Friday sale the week before.

The decorations I had from previous years weren’t nearly enough to decorate our new tree, so I set a complete decorating budget of $100 for the tree and house. To cover the full tree and top it with a stunning silver star, it cost me about $65.75.

Now as you all know, I take care of my decorations as if there’s no tomorrow, so I had many of my decorations from previous years for around the house.

Entry to the kitchen

I’ve put lit-up garlands on both entrances to my kitchen and even on around the bathroom mirror. The garlands were $2 each at Dollarama, the string of 40 mini-lights, $3 each, and a box of 6 ornaments $2. Total per entryway $7. The result, gorgeous!

Large ornaments hung from stretchy bracelet thread $2 for the large, $2 for a pack of two silver and $2 for the pack of 3 blue ones. The stretchy thread was $1.25. Entryway light glam-up, a total of $7.25.

$2 per mirror! Aren’t they cute?

I also found a couple of cute, plastic silver star mirrors at $3 a piece. Those look great near my bathroom wall!

My candlestick holder

My reindeer on the candleholder tray has been with me for a couple of years now, I just freshened it up with adding fresh pinecones infused with cinnamon. (Add cinnamon powder and a stick of cinnamon to a pot of boiling water, drop in pinecones and let simmer for 5 minutes. Remove pinecones from water and let drive for 24 hours and there you have it, cinnamon infused pinecones. Burn some vanilla candles around them and your house will smell deliciously Christmasy.)

My bathroom mirror decorated

And there you have it, Christmas decorating on a budget!

Do you have decorating tips and tricks you want to share? Send me an email at or reply in the comments field and I’ll share your idea with the rest of our readers!