Holiday Activities & Keeping Toddlers Entertained

  Dev was sick this past weekend; he battled a terrible migraine that left him sleeping most of the day. So, Nid and I tried to keep ourselves entertained and quiet so he could get some much needed rest. But I find keeping Nid entertained difficult sometimes, she gets bored easily. 

  So, with the spirit of the holidays upon us, I decided to pick up a gingerbread man kit from Walmart during my grocery run last week. I had assumed me and her would decorate gingerbread cookies during the two week Christmas break. But instead ended up pulling it out over the weekend. 

She loved it! It was a treat for her to be licking the icing off her fingers and eating the little candies, since I limit her sweet intake to the bare minimal. 

We set up the dining table with paper towels, plates and all of our supplies (that came in the kit I had purchased) and then washed out hands and began preparing our cookies. I showed her how to make one and then let her decorate a couple of the others. 

  For $6.50 plus taxes, it was one of the most delicious and fun activities I’ve had the chance to do with her. She was so happy and seemed to really enjoy herself. 

This weekend, I’m pulling out some construction paper, paints and markers and we’re going to make Christmas cards to send to some of our family and friends. I’m also planning to take her to get her photo taken with Santa Claus at the nearby mall; which I’ll include in the handmade cards. 

Next weekend, we have our annual Christmas party in the lobby of my building, so Nid and I will be baking and decorating tons of mini-cupcakes for all the residents. I picked up a bunch of pretty decorations from Bulk Barn and know she’ll love being my little helper and setting up all the cupcakes. 

I also purchased a gingerbread house kit for us to decorate when the two-week break comes along. I can’t wait to see how our house turns out! The house cost $10 at Walmart and comes with pretty much everything you need to construct and decorate it. I might buy some candy canes for us to add to the house and eat during our construction session. 

How do you keep your little ones entertained during the weekend? Or besides all the cooking and family, what’s your plans to keep yourself sane and your kiddies entertained during the holidays?