Product Review:

image1Have you heard of It’s a website that allows you to test out different products every month. For $10 plus shipping, you can receive 5 new samples monthly. I think it’s a great way to test out products without committing to the high-price before you’ve actually tried it out.

image2Of  course, I signed up for it and just received my first Birch box. My samples came in a beautiful box and wrapped in tissue. It arrived exactly when they said it would and they even provided tracking information.

They gave me a $10 coupon off my next purchase of $35 or more; which is fantastic because I actually like one of my samples and am hoping to buy it before I receive my next order.

The samples that were included in my Birchbox were pretty good, except for one. But the size of the samples was disgustingly small. I mean, I understand they’re samples, i was just hoping they would be slightly bigger then they were. Here’s what I received:

image3Bain de Terre | Arian Oil & Passion Flower Color Therapy Styling Oil
Smell: Strong smell – but has not troubled my allergies or trigger my asthma to act up. I love how my hair smells after using this product. (5/5)
After application results: My hair felt smooth and shiny – just like the packaging said it would! (5/5)
Overall rating: (5/5) I love this product!
Would I buy it: The full size is decently priced ($13.00 via Google search), but once my sample runs out, I’ll see how the feel and will probably end up buying it!

Coastal Scents | styleEYES Eyeshadow Palette – formalEYES
Smell: N/A (0/5)
After application results: The pigmentation of these eyeshadow was amazing! (5/5)
Overall rating: (5/5) I love how the colours complement my skin tone.
Would I buy it: Of course! Full palette with 8 beautiful natural shades for only $16.00.

Dr. Lipp | Miracle Balm
Smell: N/A (0/5)
After application results: Soft, non-sticky. But wears off fairly fast. (2/5)
Overall rating: (2/5)
Would I buy it: No. It wore off so quick and my lips still felt chapped.

Harvey Prince | Hello Body Creme
Smell: Strong smell – but has not troubled my allergies or trigger my asthma to act up (3/5)
After application results: Soft, hydrated hands. (5/5)
Overall rating: (4/5) Besides the smell, I do like this product.
Would I buy it: I’ll stick to my L’Occtaine. $26.00 for 12oz. plus shipping is not worth the buy for me.

Salon Gioje | Keratin Protein Mask
Smell: My hair smells absolutely amazing. So amazing after washing that even Dev complimented me on it. (5/5)
After application results: Soft and shiny. (5/5)
Overall rating: (5/5) I love it!
Would I buy it: Most likely. But at $40 for 250ml. it’s a bit steep in price.

My overall rating on my Birchbox is 4/5. The sizes of the samples are quite small. But I did end up liking most of my samples and will probably order at least two of them once the sample runs out. For $10 plus taxes, this was a great experience. I can’t wait for my next Birchbox to arrive!

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