It’s Almost Christmas Eve

Nid and I made and decorated Snowmen and Christmas tree sugar cookies over the weekend.
Nid and I made and decorated Snowmen and Christmas tree sugar cookies over the weekend.

It’s almost Christmas Eve, my lovelies. I hope you’re ready for Christmas day and have all your gifts wrapped and meals ready to cook. I hope you’re spending time with family and loved ones and enjoying lots of laughs and giggles. I hope you’re creating lots of memories and making new traditions.

I’m spending the next few days working from home and Christmas Eve with my darling Nid. Her daddy will be working half the day on Christmas Eve. Me and Nid will cleaned the house and she’ll even help me marinate the chicken and fish for our Christmas dinner. The rest of the day will be spent painting in her new colouring books and watching Christmas movies on TV.

She’s super excited about Santa coming and bringing her lots of presents. But I haven’t put any of the presents under the tree yet. She’s so excited to be getting gifts that she doesn’t have the patience to see presents under the tree and not open them. I haven’t even let her open the present she received from pre-school. I figure, she’ll get to open lots on Christmas day if I hold off.

I really wish she wasn’t told about  receiving presents on Christmas day because that’s all she’s excited about right now. I wish she was excited that we would be spending the day with my brother, his girlfriend, my neighbour and her mommy and daddy and that would excite her  more than the presents. But I guess, she is too little to understand all of that right now, eve though I’ve tried explaining that to her over and over. I’m sure as she grows, she’ll understand the true meaning of the holidays and will begin appreciating all of us more as she understands more.

So, for now, I’m going to let her enjoy the excitement of Santa Claus coming and bringing her presents. I just hope she appreciates everything everyone gets her, no matter how big or small it is.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas dinner. I’ve got a couple of new recipes I want to try and a twist or two to old recipes. I’ll share my recipes with you all of you over the next couple of days. I hope you’ll use some or share some of yours with me.

How are you spending your Christmas Eve and Christmas day, what are your family’s traditions for the Eve and big day? Have any interesting recipes you’d like to share with me and my readers? Let me know and I’ll happily share them on here.


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