My Brother; My Hero

Sometimes in life there are people that look up to us. They could be younger siblings, colleagues, friends or even spouses. Sometimes these people hold you as their support system and depend on you for complete emotional support and guidance. 

But then they grow up and they shine, bloom and become a responsible and smart human-being. Eventually, the table turns and although, they still look up to you or weigh on you for support and guidance, you begin looking up to them. 

There is a guy in my life just like that. He’s way younger than me. I’ve tried my best to be his best friend, his guidance and his supporter whenever I could and I believe I’ve done a good job at it. But today, as I sit on the subway on my way to an appointment, I couldn’t help but think how proud I am of this guy. I couldn’t help but think how much he has accomplished and what an amazing man he is becoming. 

He is my younger brother, my best friend and has been my support system through all my life. And today, I look up to him for guidance and support. Out of all of my siblings, he has grown up to be the smartest, the brightest, the toughest and the best in all aspects of life. He’s a no bullshit type of guy. He’s not into the drama and takes caution against harming things. He might not financially be there yet but I have no doubt that’s just a matter of time because he had excelled in every other part of life that I can think of. When I look for a male figure to call my idol, he is the one my mind goes to. 

He may never read this post. But if he ever does, I want him to know proud I am of him and how much I love him. I look up to him for becoming the man he has become and hope and pray he will only succeed in everything he does. 


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