Long Weekend Shenanigans 

This Canada Day long weekend has been absolutely amazing! My sister, nephew, daughter, hubby and I drove down to Port Stanley and spent the day at the beach. The water wasn’t as cold as anticipated and the beach wasn’t as crowded as we had expected it to be, since we arrived early. It was an absolute paradise to be there. We spent several hours at the beach in Port Stanley and then drove up to our hotel in London, Ontario.

The hotel was beautiful! It had a water slide, swimming pool, restaurant and was situated between both of our destinations. After spending a long while at the pool, everyone was exhausted and hungry. We got ready and went out to dinner. 

Dinner was delicious and loads of fun with the two kiddies. After returning back to the hotel, we all just crashed and didn’t bother to get up to watch fireworks. 

The following day, we checked out of the hotel, had breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel and then drove up to Grand Bend Beach. 

Grand Bend was absolutely packed but it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, especially in Canada. This was probably the highlight of our trip. Nearly a white sandy beach, blue water and the perfect weather. We really lucked out this past weekend and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

How did you spend your Canada Day or 4th of July? Share your adventures with me for a chance to be featured here and stay tuned for upcoming details on how I’ve lost 10 lbs in less than 20 days!


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