Quick Update: 2017

2017 has started off slow and steady for me.  Nothing new to expand on really. Except that I didn’t bothering to make my resolutions list as intended to. I did want to make it, I never have the mindset to sit down and actually write it all out. I know there are numerous things I want to accomplish this year but I don’t have the mental capacity to note them all down. 

Aside from the resolutions, I’ve discovered that I want another child. It’s been a long battle with myself and finally, I’ve come to terms with myself about having another child. I keep thinking about Nid and the what if’s of something ever happening to Dev and I; god forbid. I don’t want my child to be alone in this world. She has cousins and aunts and uncles that love her dearly, but a sibling would be going through the same as her should anything happen to us. They would understand each other and would be able to take care of one another (hopefully). 

Dev and I have talked about it over and over again and have agreed that now that Nid is four years old, it’s time we plan for another child. Plus, Nid has shown a lot of interest in having a baby sister or brother. I just hope that she and her sibling (if we have another child) get along and care for each other the way I hope. Nid’s very nurturing and I’m confident she will be the best older sister but when I think about my own relationship with my siblings I pray she doesn’t deal with what I have. 

Lastly, I’ve been experimenting with my hair and colours. Right now, my hair is a pink fading to dark, electric purple. Lol. It’s not at crazy as it sounds. But I’m in love with the colour and it makes me feel wild, young and like my old self before the age of mommy hood and wife hood. Before the purple, it was a dark blue and then green. But I think the purple is my favourite. Let me know what you think! 

So, that’s where I am so far into the new year. Slow but steady. I’m experimenting with hair colour, looking for jobs to get back into the corporate world, writing my resolutions in a new journal, planning to expand my family, working (once again) on my autobiography and trying to save some money. It’s all going pretty well. I feel content for the moment and counting blessings daily. 

How’s your new year starting out? What are you hoping to accomplish and try this year? Share you goals and aspirations with me; I’d love to hear them!

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