Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating this beautiful time of year. I hope you’re all celebrating with lots of delicious food and tons of loved ones nearby.

We’re not doing a big Christmas this year as our finances are still tight. But we are blessed with good food, a roof over our heads, the necessities of life and we have each other; which is the most important thing.

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and I hope you’re spending it doing what you love most and with people who care about you and love you. God bless and have a very merry Christmas! 🎄

Here are some pics of my tree, the decorations around the house and some of the treats we’ve baked!

It’s Official: I’m A PSW

Yay! I passed my NACC exam and officially a PSW. I just need to wait for my diploma; which should arrive in 4-6 weeks and now get a job. Woot!

It was hard and I doubted myself a lot throughout the process but I have to say I am so proud of myself. I’ve started many things in my life but always let life take its toll and quit halfway. But this time, I finished it and that too with being top of my class.

Next steps, find employment and begin the journey towards becoming a nurse.

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes. Many people contributed to my success, especially my husband; he is my greatest supporter and strength. I don’t think I could have done it without him.

Anyway lovelies, enjoy your weekend. I’ll keep you posted on the job searching. Until then, have a blessed weekend.