Have you ever let your guard down? Opened up yourself to something new? Decided things should be different, so you move and flow differently? Have you ever allowed yourself to become someone you never thought you’d be? Or given into temptation and completely submitted to your cravings?

What happens when you do? Do you take rebirth and become a new, fiercer version of yourself? Does it spin your head and confuse everything you believed was right or wrong? Does it make you forget everything that happened and make you hopeful for everything that may happen?

It’s like a breeze that knocks you off your feet, takes your breath away and leaves you gasping. You’re trying hard to hold on to the self you knew yourself to be, yet letting go of it just as easily. Days become nights and nights become days. Hours become moments and moments hours. The world spins around you but you stand still, grounded, just to accept everything the universe is giving you.

And in that moment, that split second, you realize you are raw, exposed, vulnerable, even savage. Because you’ve left everything behind that once consumed you. This new breath is fresh, it’s exhilarating and it’s pushing you to rediscover yourself all over again.

That’s where I am right now; catching my breath, allowing myself to give into change and rebirth. Allowing myself to kill off everything that stopped me from being my true self.

” and I open my arms and let the universe consume me” -zidditamana

~ Tamana