Quick Update

Wow, has my life ever gotten busy over the past couple of weeks; I can barely catch my breath! Between school, work, mom/wife duties/life, I barely have any energy or time to write about anything.

Can you imagine, I’m already into week 3 of school and have already written 3 tests, 4 quizzes, presented a group assignment and will be writing my second exam later this morning! Serves me right for taking an intensive course. But yikes, is it ever keeping me busy and on my toes.

My mentality has changed significantly over the past few weeks and has become a do or die type, no turning back, the only way is up, my only option is success type of mentality. I have become very focused on everything I want and need to do these days to ensure I am successful in everything I do moving forward.

I haven’t even started putting up my Christmas tree or decorations yet. Matter-of-fact, I’m not even in the Christmas spirit this year. As much as I love Christmas, it’s all about the hustle for me right now: hustle with work, life, family, school. I just want to push myself forward and move up in the world.

So, I may be delayed with putting up posts for the next while. I will try to do my best to get my posts up in a timely manner but if I go MIA again for a few days, you know it’s because life and school are keeping me very busy and I may be having difficulty managing and prioritizing my time. But I will try my best to get some restaurant reviews and holiday posts up soon!

Until then, stay blessed and enjoy the beginning of the holiday season! Xoxo

~ Tamana

Happy Birthday To ME!

It took me 36 years to be confident in my own skin and to love who I am and as I age, I truly believe I am aging like a fine wine! My confidence levels have soared and my love for myself has reached its peak!

“I am more mine, before I am ever anyone else’s.”

And that has taken me 36 years to figure out!

Happy Birthday to Me! I love me and am proud of who I am, who I have become, who I will become and everything I have and will accomplish in my life! Have a drink for me tonight, cause I sure as hell will be having a few too! Cheers!

~ Tamana

PSW Graduation & Beginning Phase 2

On November 1st, I received honours for the PSW course I took last year. Although I have been working as a PSW for the past year, Medix College only holds their graduations for all courses, once a year. Unfortunately, my NACC exam result didn’t come out in time for last year’s graduation ceremony, hence, why I had mine this year.

It was a great celebration and my mom, brother, husband and daughter all joined me for my special day. I got to meet a few of my fellow students and beloved teachers and administrators from college. It was overall a very nice reunion.

The exciting thing about it was that I announced to a few of those teachers and administrators that I was rejoining Medix this year to even further educate myself.

Working as a PSW has taught me many things, including: respect, tolerance, acceptance, and most importantly compassion. However, it has also taught me that PSWs and Nurses are very under-appreciated and under-valued. The dedication and compassion a PSW gives has no limit. The amount of tolerance we are expected to have, has no limit. The amount of acceptance we have, has no limit.

We are spit at, called degrading names, treated with minimal respect, even hit, scratched and clawed at, but we keep our composure and continue on with the task at hand. And don’t get me wrong, it is not just the patient or residents but sometimes even their families.

It’s quite unfortunate how undervalued PSWs are in our society because we give so much to our patients and/or residents. We are taught to never get attached, but we are human and there’s always those one or two people your heart connects to and you get emotionally attached.

It’s a hard job, both physically and mentally but I have enjoyed it. There are times when one person will give you a smile at the most unexpected moment and it will make all the pain and suffer worthwhile. Or you’ll sit down with a resident and they’ll tell you their life story and you’ll listen in awe because you see them today, in their current state of mind and physical ailments and picture them as they were in the story they’re telling.

I have fallen to love and hate the job, mostly I love it, even though it is very physically and mentally draining and demanding. However, I miss my desk job and sometimes feel emotionally drained from giving so much energy to my residents. I want to be behind a computer again while being able to stay in the medical field and still making somewhat of a difference in people’s lives.

I have decided to go back to school to even further educate myself in the medical field. On Monday, I began a 11 month journey to becoming a Medical Office Administrator (MOA) and Medical Transcriber (MT). I went back to my original college, Medix because they offer an accelerated program and also because I am comfortable with the classes, schedules and instructors.

I am still working as a PSW with my current employer and will continue to due so for the duration of my course, as my hope is to work for my employer as a MOA or MT upon graduation. So, it’s very important for me to keep my relationship with them open and in good-standing while in school.

I know I will be 36 in a day, but I am so excited about being back in school and further educating myself and as my father says “better late than never!” I actually think my age is beneficial for education because I am more mature, I have more common sense (most of the time) than I did when I was younger and more overall general knowledge. Plus, I understand things better now and I have a do or die confidence; like I don’t have a choice but to succeed and complete this course because I’m not only putting myself on the line but also my family.

Please wish me success, luck, tolerance and acceptance, so that I may succeed on this new adventure! I am determined to succeed but every little blessing helps! Xoxo

~ Tamana

Nehu & Jiju’s Anniversary

Happy Belated Anniversary Nehu & Jiju (brother-in-law). I know I’m a couple of days late with writing this, but better late than never.

I wish both of you a lifetime of love and happiness. I wish you both a beautiful happily ever after and I wish to see you both grow grey and old together as gracefully as can be.

Jiju, first let me say a few words to you. When Nehu first told me about you and showed me your picture, I just thought to myself, wow, my sister is lucky; she found a handsome man, who seems very eager to have her in his life. But don’t get me wrong, I was also very nervous and scared for her, too. I wanted to meet you first and talk to you and make sure you were the right person for her and as the months have gone by, I have learned that you do compliment her life the way she does yours. I think you are a good fit together and both of you are lucky to have each other.

But Jiju, know this: my sister is a very difficult person to deal with. She loves with all her heart and leaves no stone unturned when proving her love for someone. Sometimes, that love might come off as being possessive or irrational. But you have to understand, she is in love with you and only you and you are her world. So take that love and double it when giving back to her because she will only multiply what you give her. She has a heart of gold and you hit a jackpot by wining her heart.

Also, we are all crazy: I mean our family. We laugh too loud, we joke too much, mom feeds us all too much, we love too deeply and we fight like cats and dogs. But at the end of the day, we ALL love each other so deeply with every ounce of blood in our bodies and that is even more true when we aren’t even talking to the other person. So, don’t feel out of place. You are one of us now (haha, sorry lol) and we will treat you just as crazily as we treat one another. Love you Jiju and welcome to the nut house, oops, I mean family!

Nehu: for you, I can only say this:

I am so happy for you. More than anyone I know, you deserve this love and happiness. You can be my older sister by age, but I will always be the older one by strength and love. When I look at you, I see a beautiful young lady that has fought the battles of life and has won, over and over again. I am so proud of you for letting love find you again and having the belief and strength to take-off on this journey of marriage and life. You give me inspiration to face anything that comes my way because I have seen the strength you have.

I love you, Nehu and I will always be beside, behind and in front of you, whenever, wherever you need me.

Congratulations to both of you! I wish you the most beautiful and happy years together.

~ Tamana

Rene’s Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday, Rene! We celebrated part one of your birthday this past week and I didn’t get to write about it, until now.

First, let me wish you all the love and all the finest things this world has to offer. I pray and wish that your every desire is fulfilled and you are always surrounded by the ones that truly love, respect and appreciate you.

I wanted to write a special post for you because I need you to know how dear and special you are to me. You’ve become one of my closest friends at work and now outside of work too. You’re much younger than me but age is just a number and it doesn’t define our friendship or how we interact or feel about each other.

Walking into work, I never would’ve guessed I’d meet an asshole bigger than me (let alone two), that would compliment my personality or crazy thoughts on life. But there you and Shauna were (lol).

You keep things real, there’s no bullshit behind the interior or exterior. You say it how it is and I love that about you. You keep me feeling young and make each day wild, as it should be.

I am so thankful that first day I complimented your hair, because that started a friendship I know can last a lifetime. Honestly, you’re like my family now and I am so grateful for that!

Love you bae!

~ Tamana

Quick Update

Hello my darlings.

As you can see after Nid’s birthday letter, I haven’t written much on the blog lately; it’s been such a crazy week and a half, that I can’t find the time or energy to blog.

There have been many things that have happened: my graduation (woohoo), a dear friend’s birthday, my sister’s wedding anniversary and yesterday, Diwali! So, those blog posts are coming later this week and then a massive life update on Monday.

Please bear with me as I get these posts ready and up. I hope you have a fantastic week until then and stay blessed!

~ Tamana

Happy Diwali

Wishing all of you a prosperous Diwali, lit with all the happiness and love in the world. May Goddess Lakshmi shower upon you: health, wealth and happiness. May all your loved ones surround you on this auspicious day and may you feel the true joys of life.

God bless everyone celebrating and the ones that don’t.

If you’d like to read up more on Diwali, please check out a previous blog post of mine HERE.

(the source of the media image above is unknown, if you know the source, please let me know so that I may give the creator proper credits for their work.)

~ Tamana