Rene’s Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday, Rene! We celebrated part one of your birthday this past week and I didn’t get to write about it, until now.

First, let me wish you all the love and all the finest things this world has to offer. I pray and wish that your every desire is fulfilled and you are always surrounded by the ones that truly love, respect and appreciate you.

I wanted to write a special post for you because I need you to know how dear and special you are to me. You’ve become one of my closest friends at work and now outside of work too. You’re much younger than me but age is just a number and it doesn’t define our friendship or how we interact or feel about each other.

Walking into work, I never would’ve guessed I’d meet an asshole bigger than me (let alone two), that would compliment my personality or crazy thoughts on life. But there you and Shauna were (lol).

You keep things real, there’s no bullshit behind the interior or exterior. You say it how it is and I love that about you. You keep me feeling young and make each day wild, as it should be.

I am so thankful that first day I complimented your hair, because that started a friendship I know can last a lifetime. Honestly, you’re like my family now and I am so grateful for that!

Love you bae!

~ Tamana