Quick Update

Wow, has my life ever gotten busy over the past couple of weeks; I can barely catch my breath! Between school, work, mom/wife duties/life, I barely have any energy or time to write about anything.

Can you imagine, I’m already into week 3 of school and have already written 3 tests, 4 quizzes, presented a group assignment and will be writing my second exam later this morning! Serves me right for taking an intensive course. But yikes, is it ever keeping me busy and on my toes.

My mentality has changed significantly over the past few weeks and has become a do or die type, no turning back, the only way is up, my only option is success type of mentality. I have become very focused on everything I want and need to do these days to ensure I am successful in everything I do moving forward.

I haven’t even started putting up my Christmas tree or decorations yet. Matter-of-fact, I’m not even in the Christmas spirit this year. As much as I love Christmas, it’s all about the hustle for me right now: hustle with work, life, family, school. I just want to push myself forward and move up in the world.

So, I may be delayed with putting up posts for the next while. I will try to do my best to get my posts up in a timely manner but if I go MIA again for a few days, you know it’s because life and school are keeping me very busy and I may be having difficulty managing and prioritizing my time. But I will try my best to get some restaurant reviews and holiday posts up soon!

Until then, stay blessed and enjoy the beginning of the holiday season! Xoxo

~ Tamana