Back From Cuba

us15We had an amazing few days in Cuba and are now back to the frozen hell that is my beautiful city, Toronto. I’m not very thrilled to be coming back to -7 temperature but at least there isn’t a blizzard or -30 temperatures as was last week.

Here’s a few pictures from our trip! We got nicely tanned and my little munchkin had the time of her life, as did Dev and I. The resort was great, the food meh but the people of Cuba are absolutely sweethearts and aside from the weather, I’d go back just to meet all the sweet people we met on this trip.

As a foodie, I’d have to say, don’t go to Cuba for the food. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t a foodie’s paradise either. Thank goodness, I took a lot of hot sauce and chili flakes with us. Nid had some issues with the food too but I’m very surprised by how open she was to try all the different and new foods.

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Overall, it was an amazing first all-inclusive trip and we’re already planning our next one! Maybe next, we’ll try the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. As for now, tomorrow we’re back to the grind. So, have a good night and stay blessed.

XOXO ~ Tamana

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