I’m Done, Adulting That Is…

I am so done with being an adult. I want to go back to being a child with no responsibilities, bills or expectations. I want to eat, sleep and play all day without a worry in the world and want my biggest fear or concern to be that I can’t find my favorite toy or that I didn’t get ice cream. Lol.

Do you ever get to the point where you want a break from life? Well, I’m there right now.

No, nothing’s wrong. I’m not depressed either.

I’m tired. That’s all. Plain, simple tired.

I think my trip to Cuba did more harm than good for me because it’s put me in a stance of not wanting to be here at all. We were without any responsibilities, except making sure the munchkin had enough to eat because she fussed about some of the food. Aside from that, the three of us were care-free, without deadlines, timings, responsibilities and I absolutely loved it.

But being mom and wife, you still sometimes end up having a lot of responsibilities even when you’re on vacation: making sure all the clothes are packed, making sure all the medications/vaccines are taken, making sure all the correct documents are ready and that’s all only before you actually leave for the vacation. Once you get to your destination, you’re constantly tidying up the room, making sure your child has had sufficient water to drink, food to eat, or is wearing enough sunscreen to protect her precious skin. Then the beginning tasks start all over again, making sure you pack everything, tip everyone, don’t leave anything behind and all the documents are in order.

Although, those are a different type of responsibilities, they somehow mostly fall on us moms.

I want a vacation by myself. A vacation where I don’t have to be responsible, at all. So, I can not adult and just be a care-free person, even if it’s just for a few days. I want to walk around like a tourist, explore a new city, taste amazing food or eat junk for a whole week and take a million selfies and pictures and sleep in until half the day is done, on a huge bed, all by myself. Is that too much to ask for?

Okay, I’m done being in my fantasy. Back to reality I go.

Have a blessed week. xoxo ~ Tamana

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