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The Big Breakfast

I have been overweight for quite a few years now. This has begun taking a toll on my health. My energy levels are way down; which has resulted in lethargy. I barely excercise. Ok, let me be honest, I DON’T excercise at all. I went from being highly active, social and outgoing to a couch potato with the self-esteem of a peanut.

At one point of my life, I would look in the mirror and want to kiss what I saw. Now, I see a fat girl whose clothes do not fit her properly, whose sloutched and looks defeated. I don’t like what I see; I hate it!

I told ma vie on New Year’s day that if there was one thing I wanted to gain or accomplish this year, it would be my self-confidence and weight-loss. Come on, lets be honest. How many other’s made the same New Year’s resolution? Research shows at least 63% of people make this resolution to get fit for the summer and lose weight. Did you know that January/December is the peek season for gym memberships and in May nearly 70% of those memberships are cancelled.

We want to look good. After all appearance is a major factor when considering the latest fashion trends. But how can you look good if you don’t feel good? My sister has always been skinny. Nice bust, round ass, perfect hips, strong jawline. But her confidence and self-esteem lacked. She walked the walk and dressed the look, but she always seemed like she wasn’t 100%.

So how do you make yourself feel the way you want to look? Simple! Pamper yourself. Buy presents for yourself. Put on make-up, do your hair, get a mani-pedi…FOR YOURSELF! I know that material things are just material things. But have you ever noticed how those material things make you feel?

When I was financially stable and could dish out $120 for a bottle of perfume, I wore Ralph Lauren’s Blue daily. Even though I was going through a divorce at the time and emotionally felt crippled, a couple of spritz of the intoxicating jasmine sent would boost my confidence level through the roof. It was just perfume. But it made me smell irresistable and feel sexy. I’d come out of the shower and the first thing I ever did was spray myself with Blue. That confidence level determined how my day would turn out.

When my confidence was there, I carried myself like a strong, independant woman. I’d get my mani-pedi bi-weekly. I’d apply make up, I’d pretty myself up.

I stopped buying the perfume due to monetary reasons and that confidence never came back.

That is my example. You may have something else, a pair of jeans, earrings, a favorite lipstick. But whatever it is that boosts your energy levels and self-image find it. I’m telling you, you’ll love yourself for it.

Now the reason why I’ve been babbling on about getting your confidence level up is because that is something I’m working on. I cannot lose weight unless I feel how I want to look. And when I feel how I want to look, I will be determined to look how I feel.

My first goal towards my weightloss is to put some money aside from each pay cheque.When I have enough money saved up; I am going to buy another bottle of Ralph Lauren Blue.

My second goal is to cut out salt. I add salt to everything and yes, I have a lot of water weight. It’s been 4 days, I have not added any salt to my food. The food tastes bland but I am feeling less bloated.

My third goal during the saving process is that I’ve been researching on weightloss techniques. I’ve tried yo-yo dieting, I’ve tried starving myself and depriving myself of my favorite foods. It doesn’t work! Don’t do it! You’ll gain back more than you loss and will hate yourself for putting yourself through it.

I have read hundreds of articles and compared the facts from hundreds of websites. Up until this morning I just felt so overwhelmed by it all. But this morning I found an article about “the big breakfast” diet. Eating a high-calorie, well-balanced meal has actually proven to assist in weight loss. Wow! More food = more weight loss?

Recently an 8-month experiment was conducted where half the participants ate an low-calorie breakfast, while the other half ate a  high-calorie one. The low calorie breakfast contained of 230 calories and the high consumed 610 calories. At the end of the 8 months, the high calorie breakfast eaters managed to lose 40 lbs and the low calorie dieters lost 18 lbs. This is amazing!

The researcher indicated that eating a high fibre, high protien breakfast can actually help in losing weight. Below is a brief break down of the types of foods they listed to have for breakfast.

Milk – low fat
Whote grain bread
Egg whites
Bran cereal

They also mention that you should consume a cereal with at least 2 grams of dietary fibre. Your total breakfast should contain at least 5 grams of fibre. It’s also recommended to have a small piece of chocolate. That is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever read. However, they explained by having the chocolate with your breakfast can actually prevent cravings throughout the day. Lastly, they mention that your breakfast should consist of 600 to 650 calories.

The main reason behind this “big breakfast” diet is that your body has slept for 6 to 8 hours; it is in starvation mode. Your body needs energy now to move forward throughout the day. By consuming the big breakfast you are pretty much recharging your body so that you can be active for the rest of the day.

Now, I’m not used to having breakfast. Even when I do have breakfast, it contains a cup of coffee and maybe a bagel with cream cheese. However, this morning I decided to have a bigger breakfast. I had a slice of whole grain toast with butter and a yogurt, fruits and nuts parfat plus coffee. It was very filling. For a few minutes I felt very lethargic as eating normally brings out the nigaritis. But after a while, I’m actually feeling energized. Hmm, maybe having a big breakfast isn’t so bad.

Well today is only day one. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m feeling and if I’ve lost any weight as the days progress.

Lets keep a small tally:

Day one – 260 lbs (don’t judge me!)
Steps taken – big breakfast + no salt added on food