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Waiting On Results

As you all know, I’ve been battling with vertigo over the past couple of months. I’ve done numerous medical tests and will finally get all the results on Monday. I’m a bit nervous as to what the results will be. One part of me hopes there’s nothing serious but the other part of me hopes that something was found in my tests and can be fixed. I just hate going through a bunch of tests just to find out that there was nothing in my blood/X-ray or whatever. 

The last time I got sick with fever and pain over two years ago, all the tests came back normal and my family doctor ended up telling me that my illness was a result of my depression. Basically, in not so many words, he said it was all in my head and physically there was nothing wrong with me. 

Could that possibly be true? I was severely depressed at the time. Could I have been so depressed that my mind made me sick? What if that were the same this time? But I’m not depressed these days. Of course I have an off day here and there, but I’m not (thank goodness) depressed like I was six months ago or a year ago. 

I hope it’s not all in my head. Because I don’t know how to stop or cure it. Vertigo is not a nice thing to have and if my own mind is playing games with me and causing this vertigo, then how will I stop it? I hope my test results come back with some indication of something being wrong so that the ENT Specialist can help me resolve whatever’s wrong with my body. 

Will check back in on Monday after my doctor’s appointment and let you guys know how it went. Until then, have a great weekend and stay healthy!

One Day At A Time

Yesterday was a good day. Matter of fact, it was a magnificent day; I felt like my normal self for the first time in nearly two months. So we had dinner at a friend’s place. She constantly offered me wine but I declined. Then she thought I was pregnant and not wanting to drink. After much convincing, she finally backed off. 

I haven’t told many people about my vertigo. It’s not something people commonly know about and quite frankly, with how I feel these days, I don’t have the energy to explain what’s going on with me. Most days I can’t express to myself what I’m feeling or going through; to explain it to other people would just be too exhausting.

Speaking of exhaustion, I am exhausted right now. But my feeling of normalcy didn’t last very long yesterday and I’ve had a terrible day of dizziness and nausea to pay for how great I felt yesterday. I’ve thrown up twice tonight because the room won’t stop spinning. I had my MRI this evening; which was so overwhelming and scary and possibly the result of me feeling extra yucky this evening. 

I’ve got my inner ear test tomorrow morning and then a follow up in March with my specialist to discuss all the results from the fours tests they’ve done. I’m really hoping they find something, so they can cure me and get me back to my normal self. I hope it doesn’t turn into a “we don’t know what’s causing your dizziness” type of situation because not knowing why you’re sick is one of the worst things to ever deal with. 

I’m going to try and get some shut eye for now. I wanted to write a quick post to let you know how I’m doing and right now I’m just taking it one day at a time. I hope you’re all well and healthy. I’ll have another update soon once I hear back from the doctor on my results. Xoxo

My Life Is On Stand Still Mode

  I’ve been home with vertigo for over 15 days and just when I feel like I might be getting over it, I wake up with another headache and the room spins. I feel like my life has just stopped. I can barely do anything around the house. I can’t travel to go to work and if I have to go to the doctors, I have to have someone with me so that I don’t fall or crash the car. Plus, driving when you’re dizzy is very unsafe. So, my neighbor has been nice enough to drive my car and take me where I need to go, especially when I just can’t even think about being in front of the wheel by myself. 

I haven’t had enough concentration to write much either. Every time I think of writing, my head’s either spinning or hurting, or I’m so exhausted that I can’t be bothered. Vertigo is a terrible thing to have!

I went for a balance test a few days ago; which made me feel worst. They try to recreate the dizziness by placing goggles over your eyes and blowing cold then warm air into your ears. I was so nauseous and dizzy after that appointment, that it took me nearly two days to get over the experience and sensation in my ears. 

I’m waiting for two more tests, an MRI and inner ear test before I can find out what’s causing this dizziness. I just hope they find something soon, so that they can guide me to fix it and I can go back to work and return to my life. 

So that’s where my life is right now; stuck in this spinning sensation and waiting for more tests to be done. If I’m MIA for a while, I hope you’ll understand why. 

Still Home With Vertigo

I’ve had vertigo for the past two weeks and I’ve been home trying to cope with it.  It’s a terrible thing to have because at any given time you are dizzy, feel like the ground and walls are moving around you and it causes terrible nausea. I’ve also endured multiple headaches; worst then I’ve ever had before, so many sleepless nights and the feeling of my heart pounding against my chest so hard as if it’s going to explode.

My doctor put me on an anti-vertigo pill; which hasn’t really helped yet and now I’m also taking Gravol to cope with the nausea. But the Gravol makes me extremely drowsy and if I don’t lay down soon after, I get a horrible feeling of anxiety; it’s not a good feeling to have. I’m also waiting for an ENT appointment, so that the specialist can run some tests to see why I have this thing. But it’s been a week and no appointment yet.

I’ve been home from work well over a week now and if all the physical feeling and issues in having with the vertigo weren’t bad enough, I’m also dealing with the thoughts that I might lose my job for being off work so long. Although I’ve provided my boss with doctor’s notes and even given her his number to call should she wish to confirm my condition; I still feel as though she doesn’t believe me.

I know there’s not much I can do but wait this thing out and try to avoid the foods and drinks that may trigger it or cause it to worsen. But I really wish this thing would go away so that I could go back to being myself again.

Will keep you posted on how I’m doing. I can’t really spend too much time writing because staring at the phone bothers my eyes and causes a headache. But I’ll try to provide more details when I can. Stay tuned and stay healthy and if any of you or someone you know has had vertigo and  knows how to get rid of it, please for heaven’s sake share it with me!

Healthier Choices

  2016 started off bumpy for me, asyou’ve  probably read from my previous post. But I am not going to let it affect the goals I’ve set for myself. My goal to be happy is my top priority this year and a part of that happiness is to physically look happy. 

Yeah, you all have heard it a million times before from me that I’ll lose weight and look fabulous and all that other bull-crap. But this year, instead of focusing on losing weight, I am focusing on choosing healthier options for me and my family. Walking a lot more than I did before. I’m taking transit to and from work and even walking Nid to pre-school. I go to the further Tim Horton’s for coffee in the afternoon and walk up the stairs or escalator when I can. 

I’m also eating healthier. I’ve limited buying lunch to a maximum of two times a week. I pack my lunch every night and grab a snack bar or piece of fruit for breakfast before I run out the door. I’m also adding less sugar to my first cup of coffee (my second cup is normally black). I’m also trying to use less oil when I cook and adding spinach to everything; even my sandwiches and curries.

I’m not getting on the scale because then I’ll obsess about the change I do or don’t see. But I am watching how much more energy I have during the day. Yes, by the time I get home from work, I am exhausted. But throughout the day, I feel much more energized. 

Unfortunately, I’m battling a terrible case of vertigo these days and am on medication to try to resolve it; which has limited some of my extra walking (walking in the hallway of my building to get some more steps in). But the walking I am doing is keeping me well over 5000 steps a day and once this vertigo goes away, I’ll go back to walking the hallway to hit my daily target of 8000 steps and working myself up to 10k and more.

What are you doing to sty healthy or be healthier this year? Share your plans and ideas for healthier choices in 2016!

Testimonial From A True Freshii Fan

As you all know, a couple of months ago I did two rounds of the 3-day Freshii juice cleanse. My first round was extremely hard and I didn’t follow the nutritionists recommendations; which caused bloating and discomfort. The second round of juice cleansing was slightly easier and after after the nutritionists post-cleanse recommendation, I felt lighter and refreshed.

Recently, that same nutritionists contacted me for a testimonial about my experiences and why I chose Freshii’s juice cleanse instead of the others out there. My main reason for choosing Freshii was mostly the convenience and their reputation. The convenience was that it was close by and the staff even stayed open a bit later for me so that I could pick my juices and salad each evening after work. The reputation of Freshii was another deciding factor for me. Matthew Corin has done a phenomenal job at maintaining the integrity of his franchise and brand. Every store you go to is the same; friendly staff, consistent quality and quantity and calm atmosphere. The one major deciding factor was that I saw the juices made right in front of me, instead of being repackaged. I knew exactly what was going into my juices and that was reassuring that I wasn’t putting a bunch of chemically enhanced ingredients in my body.

The price for the juice cleanse was slightly higher than I’d like to pay. As I mentioned above, seeing your juice prepared in front of you is definitely worth paying a higher price. The only thing that I seriously didn’t like was the carrying containers and cups the juice was in. I travel by public transit sometimes and carrying those flimsy juice cups and carrying box was quite inconvenient. I know they used recycled material for the carry box; which is always appreciated and good for the environment, but had they invested in something slightly more sturdy, it would have been convenient for customers.

I’ve already done the juice cleanse twice and plan on doing it once more before the summer is over. It’ll help with the weight-loss journey I’m on. I’ve even recommended to many of my friends that are trying to lose weight and stay fit and will continue to recommend it in the future.

I just wish they would add some more flavors to the mix so that after the second day you don’t get bored with drinking it!

Diet & Health Update

Lately, I’ve felt miserable about all aspects of my life; the way I look, the way I feel, my work, my relationships and everything in between has made me feel like crap. 

Last Sunday, something pushed my buttons severely and I almost exploded in anger. I was so frustrated and finally got to the point of saying, “I am going to become the best me I’ve ever been and show all these motherfuckers what I’m made of.” I took a stand that day, do it, or die trying, but there was no turning back from this feeling. 

A few years ago, a similar event occurred in my life and my determination helped me lose 30 lbs. in three and a half months. It was a lifestyle change, a strict diet and a hell of a lot of determination. Every time I felt weak or wanted to cheat, I just reimagined the anger I had felt before starting this change; it really helped to keep me focus. 

A few months ago I wrote about my weight-loss diet from hell. But I didn’t follow through on it because I let my depression and anxiety get the best of me. Today, I am letting my depression and anxiety feed my determination to become a better me. 

On Monday, I began my diet from hell. It’s been tough, the huge drop of calorie intake has left me slightly lightheaded at times. But as soon a so felt that way, I had a snack to help me bounce back.  Today is the last day of my first week and I am so proud of making it through the first week! 

Before you start reading the details of my diet from hell, understand that this diet is not for everyone. It takes a lot of determination to stay on a diet that is 99% liquids for most of your day. You should probably consult your physician before starting such a diet, especially since you drop your calorie intake to 1000-1200 calories a day. So, please be careful before you jump on this diet. 

It was an experimental diet that happened to work for me and so I am giving it another go. The first three weeks are terribly hard because your body goes through a serious adjustment and your mind shifts and tells you to quit a million times. But once your body has adjusted to the drop in calories and increase in fitness and your mind has realized that you are slowly getting results, your mood will get better and you’ll begin looking and feeling better too. 

You can read the full details, HERE.