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wordpress via blackberry

Yay! I think I’ve done it! I can post to my blog via my bb. Let’s just hope it goes through. Yeah, I know I’m way out of tact when it comes to technology but I’m getting there; slowly but surely.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I just wanted to give this a quick try. Gotta get back to work.

Will post again soon, I promise!


It worked! Fantastic. I am so thrilled that now I can post from my blackberry. One of my main reasons for not posting more often was because I was always out and about doing other things without access to getting to a computer. When I had the time to be on the computer, good old CSI and Criminal Minds kept me busy.

Well, I should really get back to work now. Again, I will post again soon!

My Name is Khan

What an absolutely fantastic movie. It’s sad that over 60 cinemas in Mumbai will not be showing it. What’s even sadder is the fact that Indian Nationals and the society want to put an end to all the violence but won’t let a movie be viewed openly in the city due to the religious connections.

Why in the world should Hindu nationals have an issue with a movie that is trying to show a Muslim man asking for his right as a human being.

How do you plan on ending the violence in a country when you cannot get over your damn selves and the stupid, senseless hatred you hold in your hearts?

My family is Hindu. I believe otherwise. But that does not mean that my parent’s religion is wrong or right. It does not mean that I am going to hate them for being Hindus.

What it does mean is that I have chosen to love them as individuals and as HUMAN BEINGS. You cannot classify a person by their religion. Religion is just a belief. It is what they were raised to believe and what they have chosen to believe as adults. That is all.

The 1947 war in India was not over religion. It was over land. Yes, it’s true the majority in one side were of one religion and the other side of another religion. But the war itself was over land.

The Indian government and so-called gurus/maulvis and scholars have turned the country in to a ticking time bomb. Don’t the Indian people see that this is all politics? The people that live in the country itself do not have issues with one another. They do not care that a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Jew is living next door to them. All they care about is living a happy life and surviving the bumps and curves that life throws at them. All they care about is raising their children to be the best that they can and to provide their children with all those things that they themselves did not have. All they care about is loving someone and being loved.

The general public of India and I’m damn sure, of Pakistan too DOES NOT care about the politics or the religious issues.

If you show someone love and respect, even though they’ve been raised to hate your “type” of people, they will still show you love and respect in return. I promise you that. (I’m sorry I had to use the word type. I’m just trying to get my point across)

Anyway, that’s my rant. I am Indian. My father was born in Pakistan. My mother in India. My mother’s parents were born in Pakistan. My father’s in India. I am a split of the two countries. Yes, both my mother’s and father’s parents migrated to New Delhi, India. But that does not mean they hate Pakistani’s or that they hate Muslims. They just miss their home town.
Anyway, I’m done ranting. You can read the rest of the article here: Bollywood actor in clash with nationalists | Before It’s News




The exhaustion has passed. I am back to me again. I am back into control of myself, my work and my life.

It has been difficult adjusting to all the things that have happened over the past few weeks, but I feel MUCH better now; more satisfied! My rant about me being busy last week was more due to my lack of feeling content and of having control on the things I was doing or was required to do. That too has all passed.

Those reports are out-of-the-way, for the time being. I have a system in place for the rest of my work. I’ve made a routine for my “homely” duties and for my personal needs. Things are starting to look up again.

🙂 Nothing further to add at this moment.



As you can see, I barely get any time to blog anymore. My life has become very busy over the past few weeks. Well, let me explain. My work life, this new career move is exhausting me and keeping me on my feet. I spent most of last week stressing and working on reports for our clients. By the end of the week, I got home and simply crashed. I was so exhausted, I slept through the night on Friday and woke up at 5pm on Saturday evening.

But I miss blogging. I miss writing about things that matter to me. This still-unofficial job promotion has kept me away from BuzzTalk. There are so many things I want to write about that have happened over the past few weeks. But it just seems like every time I have a moment to collect my thoughts and write them out, my exhaustion level gets the best of me.

Well, now that these reports are out-of-the-way for at least a few more weeks (yup, they’re monthly reports), I promise to spend more time writing.

Don’t forget to check back and I promise not to forget to keep writing.

~Exhausted – Serene~




White-wash in the TDot. 


Last night’s snow storm left a lucky winter-less Toronto in a rut. Vehicle crashes from one corner of the city to the next. Snow plow and salt trucks on overload. And traffic backed up for hours. My 15 minute drive home from work took me 45 minutes. Even then, I think I got home earlier then most other people. Vie’s parents were on their way home from mid-town and it took them nearly 3 and a ½ hours to get home. And through all of this, in my 45 minute drive, I did not see one police vehicle on the roads. Normally, during my 15 minute ride I see around 3 to 5 police cruisers. Where the hell were they last night? I guess, I’m just a little ticked off because it took me 45 minutes to get home last night and an hour and 10 minutes to get to work this morning. Maybe I’m just ticked off because the moron in front of my vehicle this morning decided to run a red light and nearly crashed into a 16 wheeler in front of him and almost caused the guy making a left to ram into the back bumper of his vehicle. Maybe I’m just ticked off because fines and costs of living in this city are going up more than most people can afford and earn. Or in actuality, I’m ticked off because the city I’ve called home and grown to love for the past 20 years is getting worst and worst as the days go by. 

Through all of this traffic and snow, the one thing that always seems to piss me off is that people think they are smarter than others. They think they are “road-warriors”. They think they “know” how to drive. And almost 95% of the time, those same road-warriors are the ones left in the ditches and rear-ending other drivers.

The way they drive their vehicles the way they do, makes me want to get a shot-gun and just kill them before they kill everyone else. I know I am being extremely harsh. But this is ridiculous. We were bumper-to-bumper last night. If some moron in front of me decided to act smart and speed up or cut off someone, he would’ve taken me, the guy in front of him, and the guys on each sides of him, with him. We would’ve all been screwed and the result would be more traffic jams, more bumper-to-bumpers and many hurt drivers just trying to get the hell home! Not only are they putting their own lives at risks but also all of those lives around them.

But the thing that really ticked me off last night was that throughout all of this there were no police cruisers on the the raods.  I mean come on! If you knew there was a snow storm on its way and you know how your cities drivers react during snow storms, would you be prepared with all your men and women on the roads, ready to take on the rush hour traffic and issues? Why were there only a limited amount of cruisers on the road when the city needs conduct? Toronto Police really needs to straighten out their act. They run around the city handing out tickets for stupid reasons throughout the week but when they should really have their asses on the road controlling traffic and moronic drivers, they are nowhere to be seen. I know there were many accidents and maybe, just maybe the police guys were at all these scenes trying to calm and control the situations. But if you know there is a storm on its way, why aren’t you

~Depressed about starting to hate T.O~ 




With this soon to come career progress, I feel like I need a new look. New hair, new glasses, new style, new ME.

I’m working on the body change but now the materialistic part of me needs to change. I got the manicure and pedicure this weekend. Next on the list, hair!

I’m thinking of a more polished hair cut with a little red. Something like the style Rihanna has going on the below picture.

But I’m thinking of adding some red to the bangs. Like an under-tone. How about the picture below? (Don’t mind my sloppy drawing)

Since my hair is already black and it’s been a few months since I’ve had it dyed, I think it will take nicely to the red color. A colleague that I work with tells me that the red will look too fake. But really? I mean, come on! Don’t women dye their hair to be someone else in the first place? If we loved ourselves so much and cherished everything about ourselves so much, then why would we “enhance” our look by getting our hair dyed? Coloring our hair and putting on make-up is a way for us to be someone we’re not. Maybe that person is just another aspect of ourselves, an enhanced more polished version of us but it’s still not the “true” or “real” us.

This colleague, well what can I say? She’s judgemental of me because I want to add red color to my hair. But she does not see how much make-up she wears to cover-up her flaws. I am not judgemental of her. The make-up enhances her features and brings out a more beautiful person (I’m only talking about appearance and in no way saying that without the make-up she would not be beautiful). Why is it so easy for her to point the finger at me, when she too is using cosmetics to enhance herself?

Why are people so hypercritical?

Anyway, back to my changes. So, this afternoon after work, I’m going to head down to Marca College and get my hair cut and colored. ( The students are  the stylists and it’s quite inexpensive. I’m on a small budget, so I’ve got to look for inexpensive ways to make changes. This probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’m going to be optimistic for once and try it out.

So, after the hair, I thought I would look for new glasses. Oh, by-the-way, I’ll post a picture of my new hair style once I get it done). Anyway, I went to Hakim Optical yesterday to check out a new pair of glasses and well, their styles were pretty lame, at least at the location I went to. Actually, to be quite honest with you, the experience was lame. I walked in, was greeted by a sales representative, and he asked me what I was looking for. I said, “Black frames”. He showed me 2 pairs (one being way too big for my face and the other being a men’s pair) and then told me to look around and find something myself. I found something I liked and had questions about it but the sales rep. was nowhere to be found. So, I continued looking around, hoping he was in the back or something, but he never came back and the other sales reps. were busy with other customers; so, I walked out!

That was a pretty bad experience and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll return to that store. I’m not going to opt out of Hakim optical all together because they have a good reputation for quality glasses and they have some great deals (buy one get one free). But I doubt I’ll be going back to that location anytime soon. I might even write an email to Hakim corporate office about the experience. I’ve read about Mr.Hakim and he seems like the man who values his customers and how they are treated at each and every one of his stores. I’m sure he’ll understand my disappointment with this particular store.

Ok, sorry! I know I have a habit of taking my posts from one subject to the next and then jumping back to the beginning again.

So, after the experience at Hakim Opticals, I decided to go to Ardene. Now, that experience was much better. I purchased 5 accessories for $11.50. Wow! I got a really good deal on those things. I got myself a couple of necklaces, an anklet and a set of 5 bangles. 🙂 The sales rep. was really nice too. I think I might return here soon for more goodies.

Well, I’ve got to get back to work. I’ll keep you posted on the changes and I’ll even post a picture of my new hairstyle once I get it this evening!

Until then – Ciao!

Tsk. Tsk.

Daily Food Journal!

Oh my, looking at my blog  this morning makes me realize that I have not kept my journal up-to-date in the past week or so. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not following my routine. I have my morning breakfast, my portioned out meals and snacks, no salt and no pop. Except, on the weekends its harder to follow my routine.

You see with Vie it is very easy to get caught up with other things and not realizing where the time went. We like watching TV Series. Recently, we finished watching Criminal Minds. Well, not exactly finished. But we started from Season 1, Episode 1 and worked our way all the way until the current Season. Now, when the website we watch on gets updated with the latest Episode, we watch it! But since Criminal Minds is only on once a week, we’ve started watching Bones, from Season 1, that is!

I used to be into those sappy lovey-dovey types of shows. But I don’t know what changed me. Now I love watching anything that has to do with criminal investigation, reason and cause. Forensic type of stuff. Mind you, some of the scenes are a little too graphic for me but still, the storyline to many of these shows has got me coming back for more.

Anyway, back to my food journal.

I’m not going to be writing it any more. I’ve decided that if I am going to be “good” and follow my routine, then I cannot write about it. Writing about it or at least keeping a log about it makes it a chore and I hate chores!

So, I’m eliminating the Daily Food Journal category from my blog.

Hey! Don’t judge me! I am a new blogger and I’m allowed to flip and fold when I see that something isn’t working for me.

Up to this point though, I haven’t found my calling, yet. What I mean is, I haven’t found that ONE thing that interests me so much that it’s all I write about. You know, before I started this blog, I actually Googled: How to be a blogger. LOL. Stop laughing. I’m not a dork. I just didn’t know what it took to be a blogger. But the funny thing is that many of those websites, blogs and forums all said the same thing: Look for a specific topic that interests you.

I haven’t found that topic and quite frankly, I doubt I will. I just like to write. I like doing research too but only when I feel like it. Not when I’m required to. So, to sum up this post, lets just say you’re stuck with me babbling about whatever comes to mind!


p.s. I’ve moved all the Daily Food Journal posts into Everything Else.