Mother-Daughter Times
Ni and Me

On October 2012, I was blessed with a gorgeous little angel; we call Ni. She has been the blessing that was missing from my life. She has been my inspiration to become a better person. She teaches me something every day. She’s taught me to love unconditionally beyond limits.

This section is dedicated to my little Ni and all the moms out there in training.

When she was born, I wrote weekly birthday letters for her on Wednesdays (since that’s the day of the week she was born). After 6 months of weekly letters, I decided writing monthly birthday letters was enough. These letters, they tell the little details of her daily life. The experiences she’s had, the adventures we’ve taken and all the other not-so-important things of life. I decided to write these letters for her because  I vaguely remember my childhood. I don’t remember many of the people I met in my childhood. I don’t remember all the ups and downs my parents went through during my childhood. I don’t remember everything they’ve done for me. I really don’t remember much at all. And I didn’t want my daughter to grow up not remembering all the good and bad of her life. So, I write birthday letters for her with all the details of the previous month. I also email these letters to her personal email addresses; which I set up for her for when she’s older.

This section will so include my vents, my laughs, my strategies and my developments as a mom. I’ll share all the glorious experiences and all the not-so-amazing stuff of being a full-time working mom with you with the hopes of teaching you something and maybe learning something from you.

Enjoy the ride of motherhood through my life and do  share your tips, tricks and experiences with me.

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