The World. My Dream Vacation!

Cruises, Helicopter rides, running through the rain forests, reaching the highest peeks…and so much more! That’s a vacation of a life time!

Blue Marble (Planet Earth)

My dream vacation consists of traveling the world over the span of 3-4 years. I’d like to spend at least 1-2 months in each major city and a week in smaller cities.

In each major city, I would work like one of the locals to cover my living, eating and spending expenses. Of course, I’d have to take some extra cash for the fun, touristy things.

I think I would start with South America and move over to Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Europe, Russia and then back to Canada. 🙂


My Life, Ten Years From Now

Everyone wishes for fame, fortune, health, wealth. But 10 years from now, I see my life simple, realistic!

Of course, I have the dream of being a millionaire and living the lavish life. But then on the other hand, always having or being able to purchase everything must get a little boring.

I mean, come on! Life is fun when you’re on a roller-coaster; laughing, screaming, even shedding a few tears. Having it “All” can get a little boring in my opinion.

I want the paid-off condo in downtown Toronto or New York! I want my own bakery/flower shop/lounge. Lol. I know that’s silly. But I want to work for my money. I want to earn it, one penny at a time! 🙂

I also want my love by my side; holding my hand through it all! 🙂

That’s it…10 years from now, my life will be simply extravagant!

One by Richard Bach…my favorite book!

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.” Richard Bach


One by Richard Bach

This was the first actual novel that I ever read and finished and then re-read. To be honest with you, it’s one of those books that require a lot of determination to finish. Yes, there are parts in it that get a little boring. However, when he talks about his former wife Leslie and the adventures they take, something keeps you hanging on.

And who can forget the end of this book? After I finished it the first time, I was so happy that I had stuck it out and continued reading. This book changed the way I think about myself, my life and everyone and everything else.

It’s one of those books that you finish reading and just feel as “ONE” with the universe. Absolutely fantastic!

Facial Hair Removal Remedies

Being of Indian descent, dark unwanted facial hair is part of an issue that many women experience. I’ve done some research on the topic over the past few weeks and was able to come up with the following remedies.

Of course, you can pluck, wax or tweeze the hair off. However, sometimes those methods can be painful and cause bumps and scars. I would recommend staying away from shaving your face unless of course you are trying to get a masculine result. 🙂 Shaving not only causes hair to grow back thicker but I’ve seen photos of women having a greyish green shading appear where they’ve shaved; which can make your face look terrible.

So, here are some at home solutions to getting rid of unwanted facial hair. You can apply any of these remedies to any part  of your body. Just use caution to sensitive areas.

  1. Make a paste of sugar, lemon juice and water and apply it in the direction of hair growth. Let dry for about 15 minutes and rinse off in a circular motion. This can be applied twice weekly.
  2. Make a paste of 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice and 4 tsps honey. Mix well and apply in the direction of hair growth. Let dry for about 15 minutes and rinse off in a circular motion. This too can be applied twice weekly.
  3. Mix besan (gram flour) and haldi (turmeric powder) with just enough water to form a thick paste. Apply to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry. When dry, gently rub off in a circular motion. Rinse with cold water and pat skin dry. This can be applied 2-3 times per week.
  4. Mix turmeric powder with milk and apply to face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Gently rub off moving fingers in a circular motion and rinse with cold water.
  5. Blend one egg white, 1 tbsp sugar and 1/2 tbsp corn flour to form thick paste. Apply to face and allow 15 minutes to dry. Peel off gently and rinse with cold water. This can be done 3-4 times per week.

Well, there you have it; home hair removal without all the expensive costs involved. I’ve done number 3 2-times a week and seem to have gotten rid of some of the hair on my chin and cheeks. Hope you all get the same results. 🙂

Aspirin Mask

I was on YouTube a couple of days ago and came across a video by Michelle Phan. She talks about making an Aspirin based mask. This mask is supposed to help clear your skin (acne and redness).

Apparently, Aspirin is made out of Salicylic Acid which is also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid or BHA for short. BHA is an exfolient and has an anti-inflammatory effect. BHA is used in many anti-aging and anti-acne products. Wikipedia provides the following info: “It works as both a keratolytic and comedolytic agent by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria within, preventing pores from clogging up again by constricting pore diameter, and allowing room for new cell growth.[13] Because of its effect on skin cells, salicylic acid is used in several shampoos used to treat dandruff. Use of concentrated solutions of salicylic acid may cause hyperpigmentation on unpretreated skin for those with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick phototypes IV, V, VI), as well as with the lack of use of a broad spectrum sunblock.”

So, after researching it on Wikipedia and Google, and watching the full video by Michelle, I decided to try out this mask. You basically apply the mask to your face and neck, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water. Pat your skin dry and apply a good moisturizer which has SPF 30+.

Here is the recipe:

3-5 aspirin (make sure they are uncoated as the coated tablets take forever to dissolve)
Pure Honey
1-2 tsp of water

Put the aspirin in a bowl and pour 1-2 tsp of water on them. Wait about 2-3 minutes for the aspirin to dissolve. Once dissolved, add some honey. Mix all together to form a paste and apply to skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Apply a moisturizer and you’re ready to go.

The results that I got were great. My skin felt firm and soft and the few acne marks I had seemed reduced.

Lastly, Michelle has also stated to make sure not to apply this mask more than once or twice per week as your skin will become prone to it. Click here for her video!

Love…Sajda…Tera Sajda

I wonder sometimes if fairy tale or Bollywood style love actually ever exists. You know that love that drives your world into an ecstasy of its own. The type of love that makes you reconsider your belief in God and the World. Does it exist?

I heard a song today. I couldn’t help but put it on replay and listen to it over 20 times in a row. In fact, it’s still playing. But this song, how do I explain it? I’ve got tears streaming down the side of my face.

I’m crying because I’ve had many loves in my life. But just one that had brought the feelings out that are described in this song. To be so in love that not only do you pray to that love but you find yourself and God in it…ishq mein khudha mil gaya…

This love I write about is way greater. It is the love that only very fortunate and limited amount of people get to have. It’s deeper than Romeo and Juliet and stronger than Heer and Ranjha (Google Heer-Ranjha for the love story).

This is the love which you can only dream of. It is the love that goes beyond any fairy tale and story you’ve ever heard of or read. But does it exist? Is it even possible to love someone so much?

My tears are not of self-pity of losing this love. But are in appreciation to a song that has made my heart jump out of my chest and allow me to think of that love once again.

Most people will hear this song and think that it’s a nice song; but that is all. They will not hear the depths of the singer’s voice and emotion behind each word. I know, after all it’s just a song. But it’s my song of the century. Sajda…tera Sajda…

For me; if you understand Hindi or Urdu: sit back, close your eyes and listen to this song just once and if you understand the depths of these words, you will surely feel what I am feeling today.

Julie and Julia


  • Meryl Streep as Julia Childs
  • Amy Adams as Julie Powell
  • Stanley Tucci as Paul Child, Julia’s husband
  • Chris Messina as Eric Powell, Julie’s husband

Directed by:

  • Nora Ephron

I found this movie to be quite inspiring being a new blogist myself. The story of  how Julie took on such a challenge of cooking 524 recipes in 365 days and blogging about each is fantastic, almost makes you want to run out and buy the cook book and do it yourself. But the way she describes her experiences to her reader’s is simple yet she gets her point across.

As per Wikipedia, Ephron adapted the story from two books: My Life in France; which is Julia Child’s autobiography and a memoir by Julie Powell. You can read the full details and plot here on Wikipedia’s site.

I definitely recommend watching this movie to anyone who needs a little inspiration and a good movie to sit down to!

a stubborn desire…

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