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What’s Your Child’s Security Blanket?

Every child has a security blanket. It’s what they keep with them almost all the time. It’s their go-to thing when they are upset, angry, sad, hurt and even happy. My Ni has a “security blanket” as well; her pacifier. I cannot leave home without it and if I ever forget to put it in her diaper bag, I have to go back and get it, otherwise all hell will break loose should she get upset. It’s one of those things that I always have a spare of in my purse, car, even my jeans pockets most days. One has even followed me to work somehow and is in my desk drawer.

I’ve tried getting her attached to a doll I bought her, but she just plays with it for a bit and tosses it away. She’s had the same blanket since she was born until recent, but she doesn’t seem to miss it now that we’ve replaced it with a “big-girl” blanket. She’s not even attached to her milk bottles and will happily drink from a sippy cup or glass if the situation calls for it.

So all she has is this pacifier. A special Fisher-Price Orthodontic type, that I’ve only ever found at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Over the past year and a half, we’ve ended up collecting about 10-15 of them, as somehow we just can never find them when we need them,  so I just pop into SDM and grab a new one. They’re quite expensive, when you add them all up. But having her paci with her keeps her calm and brings down the temper-tantrums and helps her fall asleep. So, how can I put a dollar value on that?

The other thing I’ve noticed is, she always wants me when she’s upset. Daddy can be there but she almost always diverts her eyes and body towards me. Maybe I’m her secondary security blanket. Knowing that she wants her mommy, puts a warm smile in my heart. It sucks for daddy, but after all, I am her mommy. (If you’re feeling all sad for daddy, DON’T! Because the minute daddy comes home, she sprints off my lap, to the front door and into his arms – and I secretly think, she likes him better than me anyway).

What is your child’s security blanket? How do you soothe your little babe? Should I be weaning her off of the pacifier now that she’s 18 months old? Share your baby secrets with me and I might just feature you on my next post!

Ni’s 17 Month Birthday Letter

Happy Belated 17 Month Birthday, pumpkin pie!

This month has been a busy one. We finally found a paediatrician that knows what she’s doing, she understands your health situation and is willing to investigate! She’s absolutely fantastic and I’m finally seeing a light at the end of this tunnel you were stuck in.

Along with that, you’ve also grown this month. You’re already 81cm, that’s only 99cm away from mommy’s height and 119cm away from daddy’s! Plus you can now say “cookie,” your name, and sing songs. It’s amazing seeing how quickly you’re growing up. You’re becoming more independent daily. You even like to eat with a spoon all by yourself.

Besides that, this month hasn’t been all that exciting. Mommy and daddy just love seeing you grow up and become a beautiful little girl that you’re becoming. The weather is finally getting nicer, so I’m really hoping to start taking you out for walks on the weekend and sometimes in the evenings. Plus, we’ll even go the nearby playground, where you can use the slide and swings. Oh, I can’t wait!

But for now, baby girl, remember that mommy and daddy love you dearly. You are our pride and joy and we’ll always be here for you, no matter what. Love you pumpkin!

Happy Birthday again! Xoxo

Ni Is Starting Daycare On Monday


Like the title says, my darling angel will be starting daycare on Monday. I am absolutely heartbroken to be having to leave with complete strangers for most of the day. However, at this point, financially I don’t have a choice.

She’s starting two weeks early to give her time to adjust into the program. On Monday, D and I will both take her there and spend a couple of hours with her to help her familiarize herself with the environment and people. On Tuesday, I’ll be on my own with her and so I’ll spend a good portion of my day with her and then leave during the last few hours. Then the next day, I’ll spend less time there and so on, until she is comfortable enough be there all day without her mommy and daddy.

Did I mention, I am absolutely horrified and disgustingly sadden by the thought of it, that I insist D and everyone else not discuss the topic with me or in front of me? How do I just leave my child, my angel, the love of my life there all day without me and D to come to her rescue should she need us? How do I kiss her goodbye, like the case worker at the subsidy office explained and not keep coming back to check and see that she’s ok?

I know, she’s only been in my life for a year, but she is mine! And I can’t live without her and I’m scared and nervous and, and, and….The list just goes on. It’s not fair! My mom didn’t go back to work. She got to stay home and take care of all of us. Why do I have to go back? It’s just not fair!!!

Pardon my whining. I know I’m being unreasonable and a complete child about this. But wouldn’t you be if you were in my situation? Two more days and this horrifying experience will take place. Ok, I have to stop talking/writing about this. I’ll post on Monday and let you all know how it goes. Until then, wish me strength and courage to let my baby go.

Xoxo ~ Tamana

Ni’s 8 Month Birthday Letter


Happy 8 MonthsBirthday, Angel!

You’re such a big girl now and you’re growing so quickly. Time is going by so fast; I cannot believe I only have four months left on my maternity leave. And before I have to go back to work.

Every day there is something new you do and make me and your dad fall even more in love with you. This month has been no exception. You’ve finally started saying dada, nana and chacha. I think I heard you say mama but that was just probably me hoping to hear you say it. But did you know that dada in Hindi means grandfather (your father‘s father), nana means grandfather too but your mother’s father and chacha means uncle (your father’s brother). It’s adorable hearing you saying dadadadadadada all day long. Your dad is just absolutely in love with the way you say it.
You’ve also started eating lots of new things this month. You seem to want to eat everything that mommy eats. So I’ve given you mashed veggies, chickpeas, fruits and even some rice and roti. Your tastebuds seem to enjoy savory foods more than sweets, just like your mommy. Every time I give you something sweet, you have the cutest little expression on your face showing your dislike. I love it.

You haven’t started crawling yet ( you still hate being on your stomach) but you like to stand. But when you’re lying down, you sit up and then with some support from me holding your hands, you can now stand up and even take a couple of wobbly steps before you fall back down.

But you’ve started sleeping in your crib now. Woohoo! It makes it much easier on mommy and daddy that you’re in your own room and we can go back to sleeping comfortably in our bed again. You know what though, sometimes it’s just so hard to see you sleeping all alone in your own room. So mommy comes and stands by your crib and watches you sleep every-so often. It’s adorable.


Anyway angel, happy birthday again. Don’t you ever forgot how much mommy and daddy love you. Hugs and kisses always.

Xoxox 💋

Ni’s 7 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 7 Month Birthday, princess!

Time is flying by and you are getting so big. You’re learning new things and doing funny things daily. I’m shocked at how cute and sweet you are becoming.

This past month has been exciting at times and stressful at other times. We’ve done a lot this past month. You had your first trip to Centre Island. We rode a ferry across to the island and then you sat on mommy’s lap, then daddy’s lap as we played on the seesaw. You even ate ice cream and cookies.
Then we celebrated Mother’s Day with grandma. We bought her flowers and a cake and had a picture of you and her frames with the say, “only the best mothers get promoted to grandma” on it. Daddy bought mommy flowers too, but on your behalf. Then we spent the day playing games with you and went for a nice long walk at the Scarborough Bluffs.
You got your six month immunization and as usual, we’re such a perfect little angel and didn’t cry at all. Matter-of-fact, you giggled after Dr. Somera gave you the needle. He was quite impressed at how wonderful you were. He weighed you and checked your height. You haven’t grown taller yet but have jumps up to 16.8 lbs; which is perfect for your age.

Over the past couple of weeks your napping habits have changed intensely! You only nap 30-45 minutes at a time and only once or twice a day. I don’t know why this change has developed. But mommy and you both get exhausted and frustrated because you won’t sleep much during the day. The lack of sleep is exhausting you and making you very irritated most days. Thankfully, you get a proper night’s sleep!
Anyway, as the month came to an end, mommy and daddy decided it was time to say goodbye to Bull, aka our jeep Liberty and welcome a new baby into the family, aka Volkswagen Jetta. Bull has been with us for 6 years and was my first love and baby. She was always there for mommy and was safe and reliable. I brought Bella and Jack home in her and daddy and mommy came home together after getting married in her. I even drove to the hospital in her when I was about to have you, angel. She was very close to my heart. But vehicles get old and become unreliable and eventually a burden. Sadly, that was the case with Bull too.

So, mommy and daddy traded her away for our new car. Our Jetta is smaller than bull. But in much better condition and will be a bit cheaper on gas too. I hope we have a lot of firsts and memories with this car as we did with Bull. Time will tell.

Anyway, angel, that’s all for this month. It’s been an adventurous month. And now we begin your seventh month and see what new adventures we take from here on. Grow taller, stay healthy and never stop smiling. Never forget how much mommy and daddy love you. Xoxo

Happy 7 Month Birthday, sweetheart.20130531-095213.jpg

Bittersweet Day


A member of my family is being given away today and a new member is set to be welcomed. It’s a bittersweet day.

After 5 years of long drives, trips with friends and family, laughs and cries, I’m bidding farewell to my first love and baby; my Jeep Liberty, aka Bull. We’ve had lots of moments together. She’s given me some sorrows too. But over all she’s been the one to always be there no matter what the weather or situation was. She was my savior from cold, brutal Toronto winters and my escape away from miseries.

But she was 11 years old. Had her engine already replaced once and probably needed a lot of work done on her again. She was a beast on gas. So I traded her in today for something smaller and more fuel efficient. Yes, I bought a new car! A ’06 Jetta Volkswagen, matter-of-fact. My new Jetta is beautiful and has leather interior and a sunroof. I just hope she’ll stand by me as well as my Jeep did.

So today, I bid thee farewell, dear Liberty and welcome thee Jetta to the family. What a bittersweet type of day. A broken heart with some new hopes and dreams; that is the situation of me today.



Updates. Updates. Updates.

Lots of updates to give all of you today. But I’m in a hurry, so this is going to be quick and sweet. (Ni’s asleep and I have a lot of work to do before she wakes up)

1. No update yet on the hypothyroidism yet. Haven’t gone for the blood test. (Bad and lazy me) It’s just been busy for me lately. But I will go on Monday and have the results hopefully by end of next week.

2. D and I have been renovating our apartment. We’ve turned our old dressing table into a tv stand. Painted a bare corner shelf unit and even purchased a whole new bedroom set. If you follow me on Twitter (@zidditamana) or on Instagram (@ziddi) then you would’ve seen the before and after photos of the corner shelf unit. If not, I’ve posted them below for you. All my renovations are Pinterest inspired. You can follow me there too (@zidditamana).

3. D’s family (aka Ni’s god-aunt and uncle) are trying to come visit in late June. Hence, all the renovating.

4. I’m in spring cleaning mode and daily targeting one corner of my home. I’m surprised at how much clothes and things I have to donate to Goodwill. Sheesh! So far 5 bags donated and I’m not even done yet. I’m really de-cluttering my home. It’s crazy the amount of crap we accumulate over the years. Well, finally I’m getting rid of all the junk.

5. Dr. Bernstein Update: I recently spoke to their clinic again and after working some numbers into my budget, I am highly considering signing up to their program. Nothing is working with my weight-loss and I’m becoming overly stressed over it. After I get my blood test results next week, I’m going to decide on whether I want to or should sign up for Dr. Bernstein’s weight-loss program or not.

6. You may have noticed that ever since Ni turned 6 months old, I’ve stopped writing weekly letters to her. I’ve decided that monthly letters would be more detailed and better for her to read then weekly ones now that she’s going older. So, stay tuned for her end of month letter on May 31st.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you all posted on my results and renovations! Until them, Happy May 24 long-weekend to my Canadian friends and have a great weekend to everyone else. Xoxo




I still need to make holes on the back of the top two shelves so we can move our DVD player and Rogers digital cable box inside. But this is pretty much all done.