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Rogers: The Customer Service Department from HELL

Here we go again…another run around with Rogers! I seriously wonder why I don’t just cancel everything and move over to Bell Canada.

So, I cancelled my cable tv a couple of days ago after getting the run around with their reps about what channels the ICC World Cup would be viewed on. Come final game day, the big Sri Lanka vs India game and hold-behold, none of my channels are showing it. I call customer service and they tell me the system in under maintanence and to call back after noon. That would’ve been great and all if the friggin game wasn’t going to be over by noon.

Anyway, after getting the run around and dealing with incompetent manager and reps, I finally said transfer me to the retention department, I want to cancel my services! Rep in retention puts me on hold for 20-25 minutes and comes backs offer a $50 credit for the error. Lol. I almost lost it on her and said just cancel it, I don’t want it. So the services were set to cancel out on May 5th, but then this afternoon I get an email from the Desk of the Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer, John Boynton. Here it is:

Account #000000000
Dear —–,

I understand you’re considering a change to your services. At Rogers, we have many options to meet your needs and we would appreciate your feedback and ideas on how we can improve.

Call this number: 1 877 232-3028 before May 3, 2014 to speak directly to one of our representatives about your experience and potential solutions.
I hope you’ll reconsider.


J. Boynton
Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

So I call them…couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong! This call was even worst than the original. 15 minutes on the line and buddy can’t find my account. Here’s my email their Office of the President.

I received an email today from your “desk of the executive VP & CMO”, telling me that you’re not ready to let me go as a customer and to call a phone number to so your reps can fix my problem and gain back my business.

It’s funny how when I call, I get someone who cannot find my account althought I provided him with 2 phone numbers and an account number, email address and my full mailing address. After 15 minutes he tells me I can’t help you.

I tell him to transfer me to office of the president and/or management department and he drops me into the queue to speak to another customer service representative.

Dear Mr. Executive VP and CMO, John Boynton: this is what’s wrong with your services and why I am leaving rogers after 10+ years of being a loyal customer; your reps don’t have a friggin clue what they are doing. Your email brought some hope to the bitterness of my last interaction with your reps, but today’s interaction has left me disgusted and wanting to cancel even my internet service with you guys just as soon as I get Bell canada to confirm when they’ll come in to make the switch.

This is absolutely, beyond limitations the WORST customer service department I’ve ever dealt with.

I’ll keep you all posted on the frustrations that unfold with yet another run around from our fine friends at Rogers Communications.