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Ni’s 18 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 18 Month Birthday, sweetheart!

Although this month has been quite stressful for mommy and daddy, your smiles, silly faces, babbling, singing and playing make everything go away. It’s like you know that mommy and daddy are stressed or upset at this very moment and you’ll do something absolutely adorable or hilarious, that’ll make us forget about our stresses and focus on you.

This past month you’ve grown so much as a little person and you’re learning something new every single day. You learned how to say the word Apple and Purple. You seem to really like the word Apple and constantly call everything apple. Plus, you’re enjoying mastering the skill of walking up the stairs. You seem a little nervous if mommy tries to have you walk down the stairs. So, I’ve decided to let you master walking up and then later we’ll work on walking down.

I’ve also been told my your daycare workers that you enjoy going on the slide now. This is very new for you and you’ve seemed to really love the experience. Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks the weather will get warmer, so I’m going to take you to the nearby park and go down the slide with you. The weather has just been horrible this winter and so far this spring. But as soon as it gets better, we’re going to start spending a lot of fun time outside, I promise.

And here is the big news of the month….

You finally have a tooth sprouting out! Yay!!!! It’s not fully visible yet, but the bump is there and it seems like any day now, they’ll be a big, white shiny thing in the center of your mouth. Woo hoo! I am so excited. I’ve always said that as soon as your first tooth comes in, I’m going to pop a bottle of champagne and throw a party, because you’ve been teething since you were 7 months old and still don’t have any teeth. And now that one is coming in, I think a party is in order.

See, darling, you are growing up and become so beautiful (both on the inside and out) every single day. You make us so proud to be parents and we cherish every moment we spend with you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. We love you dearly, forever and ever!

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Ni’s 17 Month Birthday Letter

Happy Belated 17 Month Birthday, pumpkin pie!

This month has been a busy one. We finally found a paediatrician that knows what she’s doing, she understands your health situation and is willing to investigate! She’s absolutely fantastic and I’m finally seeing a light at the end of this tunnel you were stuck in.

Along with that, you’ve also grown this month. You’re already 81cm, that’s only 99cm away from mommy’s height and 119cm away from daddy’s! Plus you can now say “cookie,” your name, and sing songs. It’s amazing seeing how quickly you’re growing up. You’re becoming more independent daily. You even like to eat with a spoon all by yourself.

Besides that, this month hasn’t been all that exciting. Mommy and daddy just love seeing you grow up and become a beautiful little girl that you’re becoming. The weather is finally getting nicer, so I’m really hoping to start taking you out for walks on the weekend and sometimes in the evenings. Plus, we’ll even go the nearby playground, where you can use the slide and swings. Oh, I can’t wait!

But for now, baby girl, remember that mommy and daddy love you dearly. You are our pride and joy and we’ll always be here for you, no matter what. Love you pumpkin!

Happy Birthday again! Xoxo

Ni’s 16 Month Birthday Letter

Happy 16 Month Birthday, pumpkin-pie!

You’ve been sick for a good portion of the month. We found out you have pneumonia and an ear infection. We’ve visited the hospital paediatric ward many times this month and will probably do so for the next month or so too. But don’t you worry honey pie, mommy and daddy are not gonna let anything bad happen to you. We’re going to be with you through it all and will never leave your side. We’ll fight every battle together and conquer all the miseries of this world. I promise. We’ll be by your side forever and ever. Then you’ll get better and everything will go back to normal and you’ll come out stronger than when this all started.

Ok forget that for now. Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day! You enjoyed your treat from mommy and daddy and got yourself extremely sticky and messy. But you really loved playing with the little stuffed puppy we got you. Plus, aunty from next door bought you a beautiful red teddy bear, you love playing with that too. You hold him in your arms and try to put him to sleep like mommy puts you to sleep. It’s absolutely adorable.

It was also daddy’s birthday a couple of days ago. Mommy threw daddy a surprise party and you had lots of fun there too. Plus, your uncle Harsh took lots of beautiful photos of you and daddy. Then you were off to bed and we spent the evening and night chatting, laughing and trying not to wake you up. It was quite the party!

Anyway love, that’s all for this month. Mommy’s praying that you get better quickly and life goes back to normal. We pray each day for you to be healthy and safe and always smiling. We love you darling. Happy 16 Month Birthday again. Xoxo

Ni’s 15 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

Happy 15 Month Birthday, sweetheart!

What an amazing month it has been. Not only did you start walking this month, but you also started singing the alphabet song and counting up to 4. You really enjoy drinking from a straw, especially apple juice. It seems like you’ve grown up so much these past few weeks.

But it hasn’t been a completely fantastic month, darling. You’ve been quite sick lately. I think you may have Periodic Fever Syndrome, where every week or so you get an extremely high fever for a few days. Your fevers have been ongoing since early December. Although, the doctors and pediatrician a keep saying that it’s just a common cold or some sort of virus, I think it’s something more. It’s not common to get a fever every 7-8 days at 102 degrees and then have it go away 2 days later just to return after 7 days.

Mommy has decided that she’s going to find the answer to all your illnesses. I’m taking you in for a thorough physical on Monday and we’re going to tell the doctor to do allergy tests on you as well. Hopefully, they’ll be able to come to some conclusion why you’re always sick. I’m hopeful and won’t give up until I have all the answers and you are 100% better.

Besides that, sweetheart, your nani-Mami spent the weekend us with a couple of weeks ago. You’ve really grown comfortable with her and she too is so in love with you. It’s nice seeing the two of you together because you both have so much fun.

Lastly, I’ve opened up your email accounts for you and I hope you’ll use those and appreciate that I reserved them for you.

Happy Birthday, again sweetheart. Know that mommy and daddy love you dearly!

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Ni’s 14 Month Birthday Letter

Ni's Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters
Ni’s Weekly & Monthly Birthday Letters

I missed out on writing you 13 month birthday letter, due to horrible circumstances with you being sick, me going back to work, etc. But I didn’t want to miss out on writing today’s birthday letter.

I want to recap your 13th month really quickly. You had a horrible stomach bug; which ended you up in the hospital several times. If that wasn’t bad enough, you also ended up with a terrible nasal infection. So, it was quick a busy month for us. Plus, mommy started work, so it was extremely busy for us. But after all of this, you are feeling much better and are no longer sick. Yay!

Now talking about this month, my little pumpkin, you are so big and so mischievous. You started walking this past month. You walk and get so excited because you’ve achieved such a big task. It’s wonderful seeing you walk and when I ask you to come to me, you walk over and laugh and are all giggles. Plus, you also started drinking with a straw. You’re also talking much more and you dance as well. The staff at your daycare even says that you’re much more active and love being there now.

My little munchkin, you’re not so little anymore. Time is flying by so quickly and you’re growing so fast. 14 months, oh my! Sometimes, I look at you and remember just yesterday you were born and fit in my one arm. But today, you’re walking and talking so much and become more independent daily. It’s fantastic seeing you grow. Your daddy and I love you dearly and fall in love with you more and more every day.

Happy 14th Birthday, again my angel pie!