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The End Of Another Chapter 

Today I close another chapter of my life and embark on a journey towards bigger and better things. I’ve decided to end my relationship with the media industry and also quit working with/for my husband. 

A year ago, I quit my project management job out of frustration towards ill-behaved managers and lack of professionalism. I joined my husband at a restaurant he has stakes in and became his business development assistant manager. That role entailed me to develop marketing plans for him to reach new clients and promote his catering offerings. My success is that he now has at least four new house accounts that frequently order catering from him. I was also his cashier, administrator and voice for all email communication.

It was nice to work in a self-employed environment; making my own shifts and developing new business ideas. But that ship has sailed and I’m ready to do something new and different, away from the food and media industry.

My father always hoped that one of his children would go into the healthcare industry; whether it was to become a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist or medical assistant. None of us did; until now.

On Monday, I begin working towards becoming a Personal Support Worker (PSW). It was a tough decision but one I had to take to ensure the betterment of my career and future of my family. I’ve had a lot of people give me a critical reaction to my decision to become a PSW but that hasn’t altered my decision; my biggest critic and supporter being my husband. 

It’s hard work, I get it. However, it is also rewarding work and I’m moving into an industry that will never phase out. Plus, I can be a very selfish person at times and for me this new job will be a way of giving back to the world and possibly enlightening a few people’s lives that I may touch. 

I’m excited to be starting this new journey of mine and hope that I will succeed in it as I have in previous journies. I hope you’ll all send your good wishes and thoughts my way as I embark on my new career path and goals.


I Ripped The Bandaid Off

I’ve finally resigned from my job. After a lot of deliberation and stress, I’ve finally sent my resignation letter to the HR team. The stress I felt and the bullying I dealt with during my time there by my boss was more than I could handle. It caused me severe stress and anxiety. I am not the type of person that gets bothered easily; however, the constant bickering and rudeness just pushed me over the edge. 

It took me nearly four months to come to terms with why my body was reacting the way it was. After endless conversations with my doctor, we came to the conclusion that part of the reason for my illness was physical but mostly the reason was stress and anxiety I was feeling while being at work. 

I spoke to the HR director and told her everything that went on while I was there. I told her that I loved working there and doing what I was doing was a passion but could not longer handle the bullying and drama caused by my boss and therefore, requested I be moved to a different department. I knew that my request would probably not be feasible; but I had to try. Unfortunately, as I had predicted, it wasn’t and so, I resigned. 

It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in the past while. Having no income, no financial stability and security and the loss of benefits has me very nervous. However, I had to do what was best for my physical and mental well-being. I had to put myself first ahead of our financial needs. I know, I sound selfish and maybe even childish. But this was a very well-thought-out decision. I had over fours months to come to this decision and it took a lot out of me to pull this bandage off. 

I don’t know what the future holds for my career. For now, I am assisting my husband with his business as his assistant manager of business development, with the hope of progressing my career and learning new skills in the business world. Currently, he has me doing all of the filing, administrative duties and some accounting. I am also speaking with corporate offices and other businesses to bring in more business to his franchise by setting up catering and house accounts. 

I’ve set a monthly target for myself for the amount of business I bring in and new accounts I produce for him. I need to do this for him and his business but more so, for myself. I need to prove to myself that I am capable and with all of the years of experience in the media industry, I have indeed learned a lot and can act on those skills. 

I know I’ve jeopardized my family’s future by quitting my job; however, I have faith in myself and know I will come out of all this on top and succeed. 

Wish me luck, won’t you? I’ll let you know how I do at the end of my month with my target. Stay tuned and pray for me!

A New Day

Today was the first of many days to come at my new job. I thought I would have been nervous, but I wasn’t. First new job in 7 years, how could I not? But I really wasn’t. Instead I was anxious to jump in and start the process and begin working on my project. 

Unfortunately, the beginning of my day was with HR and their orientation, followed by 5 hours of reading policies and preforming various tests. It was a long brutal day of reading. But when you’re the new kid, you’ve got to learn the trade and procedures. 

My team and the people situated near me seem nice, except for one; she looked fairly grumpy and unimpressed to be introduced to me. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that get my spirits down. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve got a bunch of meetings lined up to take me through my account, client and the overall project. I’m assuming by Friday, the full project should be handed over to me, although, I may not exactly know what to do with it fully. 

It’s a new day. A new beginning. So whatever day one was, tomorrow will only be better. Wish me luck and patience to wrap my head around this other dimension of media. 

The End Of A Chapter

  As you all know, yesterday was my last day at my current employer. As anticipated, it was a bittersweet day. I woke up ecstatic with the thought of not going there anymore. But as I drove there for the last time, I started thinking of all the people I would no longer see every single day. Most of these people, I have known for the full seven years I have been employed there and some I just met. So many of these people have made a difference in my life and have been with me through various life events. 

I think the hardest part of yesterday was handing back my parking pass and hugging everyone goodbye. 

But after work, a couple of my close friends surprised me with sparkling wine and a beautiful gift to celebrate my new job. It was an amazing night and I am so eagerly looking forward to what Monday brings. Wish me luck! I hope it’s everything I’ve made it out to be!

The Last Day 


Morning sun – a new beginning
Seven years later, today is my last day at my current employer. It will be a day full of mixed emotions. I’ve waited for this day for the past year, I’ve counted for when this day would come and today it is finally here.

Until recently, I had never thought I would quit, but I did and I am so happy for what’s coming next and slightly sad for everyone I won’t see every day anymore. I’ve made some very good friends here and realizing that I won’t see them much does hurt. But I know they all understand that it was time for me to move on and begin something new. 

I’m moving into a new dimension of the media world; advertising as a Project Manager. I’ve done a lot of project and product management during my current role, but I’ve finally earned the title; sadly at a different company. But it’s a new job, new company, new colleagues and hopefully some new friends and lots of new experiences. 

So today I close this chapter and bid my friends and colleagues goodbye and open the next chapter with a blank page and lots of anticipation. Wish me luck, won’t you?

The Resignation: It’s Time To Move On

Quiet!After giving seven years of my life to the same employer, last Friday, I resigned. It was an extremely difficult but exciting task to do, but one that was long overdue.

I loved working here. It was one of the best companies I had worked for and I met so many amazing people. I used to be very happy with where my career was going and colleagues.

There used to be an adrenaline that came with working in the media industry. You were constantly tackling new things; you were always on your toes. You dealt with different departments, people and levels of seniority. It was constant go, go, go. I loved it. No day was the same. No two tasks were alike. It was exciting and you felt like you were part of the bigger picture.

A year ago, everything changed, drastically. The company I had grown to love, had changed. Some of the people I worked so closely with, had changed. The laid-back atmosphere I had grown comfortable with, had changed. I won’t say I was completely unhappy, because that would be a lie.

I started feeling lost. I had no sense of direction. I didn’t feel like I was part of the overall goals. Yes, I was tackling the day-to-day but it all felt meaningless; which stemmed my need to grow and venture out. I wanted to stay with this company, but the opportunities weren’t there.

With one more week to go, I am tying loose ends, closing tasks out and saying my goodbyes slowly. This company gave me a good seven-year run. It was exciting and very educational while it lasted. But it’s time to close this chapter and move on.

Good Morning


Sunday mornings are the best; I wake up super early, put my laundry to wash and then dry and then make myself a cup of coffee and relax as I watch the sun come up from my balcony. Ni and D are still sleeping, so I’ve got a couple of hours to myself to write some blog posts, collect my thoughts and plan for the week ahead. 

I know I’m sleep deprived but these couple of hours by myself are totally worth losing sleep over. Rarely do I get to spend time without a worry in the world to just be on my own. So, I cherish Sunday mornings as if they’ll never come again. Luckily, for me they do and I get to enjoy them watching the beauty of our world. 

Next week is going to be a very important week for me. Something I’ve worked extremely hard for will be decided. The last four years of my professional life have been dedicated to working hard, learning as much as I can and developing and pushing myself to the limits. This upcoming week will decide whether I have succeeded or not. I’m confident that I’ve done a good job, I’ve built my reputation and experience enough to land me where I think I should be. I just hope that the people around me see that and feel that way too.

I’ll let you know once I have more information on this big change hopefully coming to my life. Just wish me luck, cross a couple of fingers and pray for me, in case I need the extra push in blessings and luck to get me where I want to be. 

Have a blessed Sunday. I hope it’s productive, relaxing and spiritually uplifting; mine sure has begun that way!