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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, new, to-be or old, today! I hope you all celebrated today with your fathers and showed them how much you appreciate them and are thankful for them being around.

Although, our little angel hasn’t arrived yet, I wanted to make sure the D experienced today the way most fathers are fortunate to. D hasn’t celebrated father’s day before. His father passed away in India nearly 10 years ago and back then this North American tradition wasn’t well-recognized in India.

Since he’s going to be a father soon and we’re nearly half way through the pregnancy, I thought today would be a good day to make the baby arriving more real. I mean, up until now, although we know we’re pregnant and a baby is going to arrive soon, it hasn’t felt 100% as real.

So, I got him some gifts, not so much for him but for the baby. I think he really enjoyed my surprise last night. We had to celebrate last night because he had to be out and about early this morning. But the surprise continued over to this morning with tea and breakfast ready for him before e was even up.

Here are some photos of last night’s surprise and my loving husband’s first father’s day.





Family Matters

Yesterday was my father’s birthday. Besides my sister who lives in India, the whole family was together.

Its been a while since we all got together and sat down to celebrate and have dinner. Although, I generally avoid being in large crowds, family, friends alike. This was pleasant. Lots of memories came back, lots of laughs and stories were shared.

When you live away from your parents and siblings, being home always brings some sort of warmth and happiness to your heart. If your family is anything like mine, they make me so miserable as I can possibly be. But then again, their family and its so hard not to love them and laugh with them. It’s so hard not to let loose and just enjoy yourself.

Thanks mom and dad for having me over last night and allowing me to feel loved, calm and at peace after a really long time.

Here’s to my parents!