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Another Bucket List Item Checked Off

 Today, what can I say about today? Today I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life. One of my long-time bucket list items have been to have a makeover done on tv. And what better place to do it than on The Marilyn Denis Show!

I grew up watching Marilyn. I remember her show was one of my mother’s favourite daytime talk shows to watch. I remember my mother always raving and boosting about how fabulous Marilyn was. And I’ve seen Marilyn transform women into their truly potential best self.

Today, Marilyn and her team gave me the opportunity to transform my boring, all-black date-night look into a va-va-voom look. Her team and the amazing and successful stylist, Denise Caldwell ignited the confidence in me that I had lost so many years ago.


For a woman, who at one time in her life always felt like a million bucks and then through a devastating divorce and years of feeling like she didn’t deserve to be beautiful; and then to turn her into a diva through the help of an enthusiastic and confident fashion stylist, hair and makeup gurus and an opportunist talk-show host, is one of the most exhilarating experiences a woman can have. Today, I felt like I was 20 again and like I was a stunning, desirable and confident woman again; the first time in over 12 years.
How do I thank you Heidi Allen for giving me this opportunity? How do I say how much you’ve inspired me Denise Caldwell? And how do I say thanks hair and makeup gurus for bringing back years of lost confidence? But most importantly, how do I say thank you Marilyn for giving average gals like me this experience of a lifetime and memories to last forever.

 Thank you The Marilyn Denis show and team for bringing back the me I thought I lost years ago. Xoxo

A Fresh Start

MeEvery so often life changes. You fall out of a relationship and go through a phase of crying, solitude, depression, self-awareness, exploring new ideas, dating, falling into another relationship, love and possibly marriage.

Then marriage comes along and jumbles everything up again. Learning to live with someone, being equal parts, sharing your home, life and belongings, building memories together, picturing hopes and dreams, setting up routines and goals and eventually family planning.

Then the planning takes root and you’re pregnant; there you go again, all jumbled up again. The bump grows, you hear the heartbeat, see the sonograms, find out the gender, purchase necessities and cute little things, have a baby shower, prepare the hospital bag, and then you’re finally admitted into the maternity ward.

Several hours later, life hands you one of the most precious gifts in the world and your life is all jumbled up again. You become responsible for this darling angel and your everything goes into making sure they are safe, happy, healthy and loved.

With every phase in life, it is important to start anew, to learn and progress from the earlier stage and emerge into a better you during the new phase.

For those of you that have followed Ziddi Tamana for many years, you’ll all know that Ziddi Tamana has gone through many stages and has constantly been renewed and refreshed. As I’m becoming more of  a mother everyday and a better wife, I feel I need another fresh start here; with my blog.

Over the next couple of days and weeks, you will notice Ziddi Tamana change. I’m still the same Ziddi Tamana I’ve been all my life; but my blog will change. The look and feel will change. The categories, pages and menu will change. The overall concept of the blog will change. So, please be patient with me. Things may look all weird and wonky at times and out-of-place. But I promise you, the great content you’ve learned to expect on this blog will continue to be delivered. I just need to freshen up the place a little.

So, stay tuned to the new Ziddi  Tamana coming soon!


Looking Your Best In Fashion & Style This Fall By Anya Sarre

Looking your best in fashion and style this fall will be easy! The new trends and colors are striking but there is leeway allowed for the smart fashionista. Pick and choose what is best for your body type and most flattering to your coloring. You can look your very best with apparel and women’s shoes this fall – and without breaking the bank!

Your denims stay in, but this fall’s color trend is major and striking. Here is where you will need a few purchases and will need to take care with those choices. Bright youthful color blocking is crowding the Runways. Models are pairing neon tangerine tops and hot flamingo pencil skirts or eye-candy chartreuse silk blouses with cobalt blue short skirts. Some of this year’s bright bold fall colors have not been seen for many seasons and we do not have them in our closets. Choose one brassy classy combo that pleases you, and then do color tests. Lay the fabric across your arm and examine it in different lights. Does it flatter your skin tone? Find a mirror and hold the fabric against the side of your face to see what that color does to bring out your eyes or your hair. (This year’s vivid corals will spark our wardrobes for years.) Use the most flattering color for your blouse. The face frame is critical; we can get away with almost any color in a skirt. You’ve heard that horizontal strips add pounds. Those of us fighting the diet generally stay away from them, don’t we? Take another look at those sweaters for layering though.

For larger purchases that must transition into our winter wardrobe, such as jackets, coats and boots, look for the classic with a kick. For example, a wool navy peacoat with lime long silky scarf can complete your fall look and transition into winter with a whole new look as you exchange that scarf for a knitted one in oxblood, wine or maroon. Splurge on chunky bracelets, gloves and bright earrings in this fall’s eye-popping colors for that red-carpet finish.

Anya Sarre

A Treat For All Of You; Guest Blogger

Do I ever have a treat for all of you this week! I’ve been contacted by an amazing blogger who would love to write guest posts on zidditamana.wordpress.com. She’s a famous celebrity stylist, who works for Shoe Dazzle. If you don’t know what Shoe Dazzle is, boy have you ladies been missing out. It’s a fantastic website to get the latest shoes, purses and accessories hand picked by celebrity stylists at great prices.

One of those stylists will soon be featured right here on Ziddi Tamana this week!

Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.


Stay tuned for the latest tips and trends from Anya or visit her blog to read more now!