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Testimonial From A True Freshii Fan

As you all know, a couple of months ago I did two rounds of the 3-day Freshii juice cleanse. My first round was extremely hard and I didn’t follow the nutritionists recommendations; which caused bloating and discomfort. The second round of juice cleansing was slightly easier and after after the nutritionists post-cleanse recommendation, I felt lighter and refreshed.

Recently, that same nutritionists contacted me for a testimonial about my experiences and why I chose Freshii’s juice cleanse instead of the others out there. My main reason for choosing Freshii was mostly the convenience and their reputation. The convenience was that it was close by and the staff even stayed open a bit later for me so that I could pick my juices and salad each evening after work. The reputation of Freshii was another deciding factor for me. Matthew Corin has done a phenomenal job at maintaining the integrity of his franchise and brand. Every store you go to is the same; friendly staff, consistent quality and quantity and calm atmosphere. The one major deciding factor was that I saw the juices made right in front of me, instead of being repackaged. I knew exactly what was going into my juices and that was reassuring that I wasn’t putting a bunch of chemically enhanced ingredients in my body.

The price for the juice cleanse was slightly higher than I’d like to pay. As I mentioned above, seeing your juice prepared in front of you is definitely worth paying a higher price. The only thing that I seriously didn’t like was the carrying containers and cups the juice was in. I travel by public transit sometimes and carrying those flimsy juice cups and carrying box was quite inconvenient. I know they used recycled material for the carry box; which is always appreciated and good for the environment, but had they invested in something slightly more sturdy, it would have been convenient for customers.

I’ve already done the juice cleanse twice and plan on doing it once more before the summer is over. It’ll help with the weight-loss journey I’m on. I’ve even recommended to many of my friends that are trying to lose weight and stay fit and will continue to recommend it in the future.

I just wish they would add some more flavors to the mix so that after the second day you don’t get bored with drinking it!

10K Steps Daily Towards A Healthier Future

As you all know, for the longest time, I’ve been on a journey to lose weight. I’ve tried diets, I’ve tried adjusting my eating habits, I’ve even cut out many foods from my diet. But I haven’t lost any weight. The problem is, I love food. I enjoy eating. Not over-eating. But I enjoy a good meal. I like my steaks, I love all-day breakfasts, I like rice and I like cheese and when you’re a foodie, you eat and you don’t skimp out on your meals. But that also means, you don’t lose weight. So, everything I’ve tried to lose weight, clearly hasn’t been working. With my depression and constant emotional roller-coaster, I indulge and have many set-backs.

So, cutting out food is not an option for me. Let’s face it, I love to eat. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t lose weight. My iPhone health app allows me to track how many steps I take each day. So, I’ve watched my steps. According to the Canadian Health Guide, by taking at least 10,000 steps a day you promote a healthy future for yourself. I think, since I’ve started counting my steps, I’ve only hit 10K steps twice. But I’ve gotten close many times. Taking a little stroll during lunch-time may have gotten me closer to that 10K mark; had I not been lazy.

I’ve decided to work on losing weight through walking. Walking at a faster pace than I normally would and hitting at 10K steps per day, is sure to help me lose between 1/2-1 lbs. a week; which sounds like nothing but actually adds up to about 4 lbs. a month and 12 lbs. a year. I know, it’s still not much. But if I can limit my sugar in-take, avoid Coca-Cola then I am sure those 1/2-1 lbs. per week could potentially turn into 2-3 lbs. a week.

I don’t want to lose weight fast. I mean, I do but I want it to be healthy weight-loss and sustainable. So, I’m taking the long-route, the one that promotes a healthy lifestyle and “hopefully” permanent weight-loss.

Coming Soon: Progress Report For The New and Improved Me

I know this is a tight deadline. I know I need to have a lot of confidence, discipline and control over myself. I know this will be hard. But I’ve done it in the past and I am confident I can do it again.

On April 1st, I am embarking on a journey of weight-loss. A last attempt to make myself look and feel right. I’ve started this journey many times. But have constantly failed because I gave up far too easily and didn’t fight for myself. Today, I am not going to give up. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how much it hurts and no matter what anyone says; I am going to succeed this time; which is why this is my last attempt.

I recently purchased a dress. A stunning LBD that made me feel like a princess in a fairly tale. As I put the dress over my head, I knew it was tight. But I managed to get it on and even took some photos in it. I loved it, despite it being extremely tight from the bust and waist. I twirled in it. I just loved it. I sent the photos to my hubby, sister, mother, neighbor and good friend and all of them gave me the same reaction, “you look stunning”. Too bad, they couldn’t see how tight it was on me due to the black color of the dress.

The Dress

For the first time in nearly 5 years of being with D, he told me that I looked absolutely stunning, the dress was beautiful and despite it being tight, he wanted me to keep it. He told me

that I look gorgeous in it, but if I could lose 10-15 lbs. to fit perfectly into it, I would look even more stunning. No this was not his way of putting me down. He truly was amazed at how confident I felt and beautiful I looked in this dress and was only trying to encourage me to fight one of the biggest battles of my life; weight-loss.

I took his words to heart. I knew I felt amazing in that dress. I knew I wanted to wear it when we went out to dinner in the summer. But I just needed to fit into it, properly that is. So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to fit into that dress.

Without much effort and probably due to having a stomach flu and bacterial infection for the past few weeks, I’ve managed to lose 15 lbs. But the dress still does not fit as it should; which means, I need to lose more weight. I know I am overweight, probably more than 50 lbs. overweight. Right now, my goal and challenge is to lose 20 lbs. by the end of May 2015.

I’ beginning my weight-loss challenge by preparing for the next seven days, limiting my junk-food intake, gradually reducing sugars until completely coming off them and limiting starch.

On day one, April 1st that is, I will begin my day with warm lemon-water and Freshii’s juice cleanse for three days, followed by a 9am – 5pm diet containing mostly of raw vegetables, fruits and plenty of water. Dinner(s) will consist of fish and chicken sauteed and served with plenty more veggies.

Here’s how I look right now.

Me After Losing 15 lbs. - March 23, 2015

Every couple of weeks, I’ll post a full-body selfies as my weight-loss progresses. To see even more progress, meals and other exciting photos of my weight-loss challenge, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@ziddi) or Twitter (@zidditamana).

Stay tune for the progress towards the new and improved ME!

The Exercise Plan – For Beginners

I’m no fitness junkie. Quite frankly, I hate exercise! I would rather cut out my calorie in-take so drastically to lose the weight I need to. But as every dietician and physician will tell you, you have to move your butt in order to lose weight and stay healthy and dieting alone won’t do it.

After battling with myself over the weekend, I’ve come to terms with mild exercise and have put together a plan for myself aka The Beginner. Of course, I couldn’t do it alone, since I know barely anything about exercising. So, I took the help of a fitness guru aka Downntown fitness from Tumblr. This person has got their routine down and has inspired me to get mine together as well.

My routine is slightly modified from Downntown’s but I think I’ll do good sticking to it. You can check out all of their routines and suggestions by clicking HERE!

Here’s mine:
Week 1:
Day 1: 35 jumping jacks, 10 crunches
Day 2: 40 jumping jacks, 15 crunches
Day 3: 45 jumping jacks, 20 crunches
Day 4: 50 jumping jacks, 25 crunches
Day 5: 55 jumping jacks, 30 crunches
Break Day
Break Day

Week 2:
Day 1: 35 jumping jacks, 10 side-to-side twists
Day 2: 40 jumping jacks, 15 side-to-side twists
Day 3: 45 jumping jacks, 20 side-to-side twists, 5 leg lifts (each leg)
Day 4: 50 jumping jacks, 25 side-to-side twists, 10 leg lifts (each leg)
Day 5: 55 jumping jacks, 30 side-to-side twists, 15 leg lifts (each leg)
Break Day
Break Day

Week 3 is going to be a combination of week 1 and 2:
Day 1: 35 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 10 side-to-side twists
Day 2: 40 jumping jacks, 15 crunches, 15 side-to-side twists
Day 3: 45 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, 20 side-to-side twists, 5 leg lifts (each leg)
Day 4: 50 jumping jacks, 25 crunches, 25 side-to-side twists, 10 leg lifts (each leg)
Day 5: 55 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 30 side-to-side twists, 15 leg lifts (each leg)

And then we go back to week 1 again. I think this will be easy for me to maintain. I did my routine today and for someone who hasn’t done a jumping jack in god knows how long, man was I ever out of air. But my heart was pumping and it felt great! I’m so encouraged by the adrenaline, I’m going to take Ni for a walk after nap shortly.

I hope this routine inspires you to move your body too!


Fit & Healthy; Hypothyroidism


I’ve been busy and away from my blog lately. Actually, Ni and I have been spending lots of fun moments together especially now that the weather is so great; which is why I haven’t updated my blog.

I wanted to let you know about my progress with my weight-loss. I haven’t lost a single pound. 😦 I was so depressed when I stepped on the scale a few days ago and realized I hadn’t lost a single pound or any inches. So, I went to speak to my physician and asked him why. After asking me numerous question about my routine and family history, he thinks I might have hypothyroidism. So, this Monday I’m having my blood done for thyroid and iron deficiency.

He also suggested that until my results come in from the lab I switch my diet to high protein and vegetables. So, starting yesterday, I’ve cut the carbs out of my diet and started eating chicken and fish with lots of veggies. I’m hoping this will help until we can figure out the thyroid problem. I also found a pin on Pinterest about drink ground cinnamon and honey in a cup of boiling water. So, I started having that this morning. Apparently, the combo is supposed to cut through fat and speed up your metabolism.

I’ll let you know the results of my tests and this new routine as soon I get them. Do any of you have thyroid? How has it affected your life? What have you done to deal with it and control it? Please let me know!

Healthy. Fit. Step One


Step One to a healthy, fit life:

Cleansing your body of toxins and waste.

We put so much junk into our bodies daily; coffee, cola, sugars, fried foods, and the list goes on and on. So, before starting any fitness routine, it’s best to begin with a simple and gentle cleanse. The cleanse will help rid your body of all the waste and refresh our body and mind. And if you lose a pound or two doing so, that’s just the icing on the cake. (note to self: must not mention cake again)

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and have found so many chemically enhanced cleansing drinks online (emphasis on chemically enhanced). What’s the point of putting chemicals in our body if the main purpose is to rid ourselves of all those toxins and junk? So, after further research I’ve come up with a delicious, refreshing drink that you can drink as a cleanser or just because it tastes so good and really wakes you up!

Here’s how I’m using it to cleanse away the toxins and junk out of my body.

The three day routine:
Drink one glass before each meal. This can be right out of the refrigerator and you can add ice cubes to chill it some more. The purpose of drinking this cold is to shock your metabolism and get it working for the food you’re about to eat.

Drink one glass after each meal. Slight warm it up in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. The purpose of warming it up, is so that the hot liquid cuts through fats and oils you’ve just eaten and helps your body digest the food faster.

Have one to two glasses in between meals. Cold is refreshing and warm or hot is calming and soothing.

You want to try to have at least 8 glasses per day. I’ve been having about 10-12 because it just tastes so good and helps me stay away from coffee, tea and pop.

Finally, here’s the recipe:
Half a cucumber
Half a lemon
10-12 mint leaves
2 tbsp of ginger
8-10 glasses of water

To make it:
Cut the cucumber and lemon into thin slices. Grate the ginger finely and chop the mint leaves into large pieces. Add all ingredients to a jug of water and stir. Then let steep overnight and enjoy the next day. To add a little spice, you can add some cayenne pepper to the mixture.

There you have it; a refreshing detox you can enjoy and drink all day long without all the chemical crap!

After the first three days you can cut down the quantity and replace it with plain water. But I’m sure after tasting this recipe you’ll be drinking this daily.

Unhealthy. Unfit. No More!


Enough is enough!!! I’m taking a stand against being unhealthy and unfit. I can’t look in the mirror any longer and not like what I see. I am a beautiful person on the inside, so why shouldn’t I be beautiful on the outside too?

I’ve taken this challenge to change how I look and feel about myself over and over again. But do you know what I lacked each time? Determination. Reason. Now I have both! Ni, my reason and my reason, my determination. So this time around I’m sure to succeed.

After giving birth to Ni, I lost about 26 lbs without much effort and without much effort I gained 24 lbs back. But I’m not preggers anymore and shouldn’t need to resort to my maternity clothes because nothing else will fit. So, I’m making a change. I’m taking control and I’m sure as hell going to slim down!

I’m changing my eating habits. I’m changing the liquids I drink and I’m going to dance my weight away. I’ll post a recipe for an awesome detox and refreshing alternative to boring water. Because anyone who knows me, knows I don’t drink nearly enough water. So, I’ve found an alternative. I’ll also post my 7 day breakfast and lunch meal plan. I’m excluding dinner plans because I barely have anything for dinner these days and try to keeps self full with my detox drink or a cup of hot milk. Next, I’ll include some easy dance moves and workout routines.

So join me on my adventure over the upcoming weeks and months as I shed the pounds away! Stay tuned and stay fit.